The Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language

(A Companion to MENDELE)


Volume 12, 2008

Contents of Issue 12.001, 17 January 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Obituary for
Professor Rashid Kaplanov
3) Front cover of Yidishe heftn 121 (Paris, January 2008)
4) Yiddish conversation group in Leyvik House, Tel Aviv
5) A flyer announcing courses in Yiddish in Haifa 2008
6) Leyvik as guest of the Pinskis in Haifa
7) Front cover of pamphlet of Leyvik's six Carmel poems
8) Table of Contents of pamphlet
9) Leyvik's "Dos harts fun der nakht": text and Hebrew translation
10) "The Heart of the Night" [English translation of above]
11) Yiddish text of "Salutn in Kheyfe"
12) English translation of "Salutn in Kheyfe"


Contents of Issue 12.002, 24 January 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Robert Goldenberg on Cantor Louis Danto's Goldfadn songs
3) Kheyfe un ir hinterland ('Haifa and Its Hinterland')
4) An algemeyner bild fun der shtot ('General Picture of the City')
5) Dertsiyung/Hadar HaKarmel/Har HaKarmel ('EducationMt.Carmel')
6) Andere fiertlen [kvartaln]/Handl('Other Neighborhoods, Commerce')
7) Mir boyen ('We are building')
8) Di alte shprakhdi naye shulDaytshe yidn ('Old Language''New School' 'German Jews')
9) Postcard photo of Yafo [Jaffa] St. in the 1930s.
10) Photo of Herzl St. [in Hadar HaKarmel] ca. 1930.


Contents of Issue 12.003, 31 January 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Yossel Birstein Project
3) Goldfaden's Bar-Kokhba [Yiddish: Bar-Kokhbe]
4) "Dos milkhl" (in various versions) / Regina Prager 
5) A Kind of Yiddish Rip Van Winkle
" by Gershon Levin
7) Hebrew translation of Levin chapter
8) Tel-Aviv University & Leivick House Conference: "The Ashkenazim" on 27-28/2/08
9) How to subscribe to Yidishe heftn


Contents of Issue 12.004, 10 February 2008

On Waiting for Godot in Yiddish

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Kalman Juvelier [Leksikon fun yidishn teater, 1934]
3) a. Score cover of "A mentsh zol men zayn"
b. Enlarged half-view of score cover of "A mentsh zol men zayn"
c. Score cover 1 of "Dos emese yidishe harts" as sung by Juvelier
d. Score cover 2 of "Dos emese yidishe harts" as sung by Juvelier
e. Kalman Juvelier sings "A mentsh zol men zayn" (MP3 download)
4) Samuel Beckett's Lucky in Yiddish: Two Translations Compared
5) Portrait of Gizela Shkilnik
6) Gizela Shkilnik's Yiddish translation of Lucky's monologue
7) Portrait of Rina Yosifon
8) Rina Yosifon's Yiddish Translation of Lucky's monologue
9) A Yiddishpiel flyer


Contents of Issue 12.005, 20 February 2008

Partisans Issue (Part One)

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Der oyfrays fun a soldatn-heym (Part One) ('The Demolition of a Soldier's Home') [Moyshe Gildenman (Dyadya/Diadia Misha, pseud.)]
3) About the brochure Oyfn veg tsum zig ('On the Way to Victory')
4) Yiddish Partisan Songs: Multiple versions of "Zog nisht keyn mol az du geyst dem letstn veg


Contents of Issue 12.006, 2 March 2008

Partisans Issue (Part Two)

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Letters to the editor from Hershl Hartman and Leybl Botwinik
3) "Der oyfrays fun a soldatn-heym" ('The Demolition of a Soldier's Home') [M. Gildenman (Diadya Misha, pseud.)], Part Two
4) Yiddish Partisan Songs: "Shtil di nakht" and "Yid du Partizaner"
5) Meredith CD Covers


Contents of Issue 12.007, 16 March 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Yelena Shmulenson on vizgen
3) Holocaust, Shoah, Khurbm
4) Jewish Heroism in the Khurbm Period
5) More on Zog nisht
6) More on Yiddish Partisan Songs (Hershl Hartman)
7) Regina Prager (Sholem Secunda [Sekunde])
8) "Regina Prager, di rebitsn oyf der bine" (Yoysef Rumshinski)
9) Regina Prager Sings Von die Zweigen die Fidelach


Contents of Issue 12.008, 27 March 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) mentsh revisited
khurbn or khurbm?
4) TMR Issue No. 200: Invitation to Readers to Comment
5) Mendele Moykher-Sforim's Peyrek Shire [Perek Shira]
6) Moyshe Taykhman's adaptation of Noent fun vaytns
7) Solomon Marshak's Di post translated into Yiddish by Moyshe Taykhman
8) "Motele fun Varshever geto" lyrics
9) "Motele fun Varshever geto" audio
10) "Remember the Children" cd cover


Contents of Issue 12.009, 13 April 2008

11th Anniversary & 200th Issue

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Introducing the Editor
3) Letters to the editor re mentsh and khurbm (to be continued)
4) Anniversary messages (selection)
Prof. Dov-Ber Kerler (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Prof. Joseph Sherman (Oriental Institute, Oxford)
Prof. Seth Wolitz (University of Texas, Austin)
Prof. Yechiel Szeintuch (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Morrie Feller (Phoenix, Arizona)
Dr. Zelda Newman (Lehman College, New York)
Prof. Avrom Novershtern (Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Bet Shalom Aleichem,Tel-Aviv)
Dr. Ian Young (Lingua Medica, London)
Dr. Heather Valencia (The Stirling University, Scotland, UK)
Dr. Boris Kotlerman (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel)
Dr. Yael Chaver (University of California, Berkeley)
Andrew Firestone (Monash Univerity, Melbourne, Australia)
5) The Oldest Review of a Yiddish Play in America (New York Sun, 1885)
6) Nathan Birnbaum [Nosn Birnboym] Delivers Opening Speech at Czernowitz 1908


Contents of Issue 12.010, 11 May 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Anniversary messages (continued) [See TMR 12.009]
Professor Lawrence A. Rosenwald (Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA)
FRIDA (Grapa de) CIELAK (Mexico City, Mexico)
Dr. Marcos Silber (Department of Jewish History, University of Haifa)
Boris Sandler, Ed./ Itsik Gottesman, Asst. Ed., Forverts (New York)
The Yiddish Leyen-Krayz of Buffalo, New York
3) Review: Miriam Hoffman's Shlisl a New Yiddish Textbook (Heather Valencia)
4) Review: Mirjam Gutschow's Inventory of Yiddish Publications From the Netherlands (c. 1650-cc.1950)
5) Uriel Birnbaum's "Yosele in Kheyder" and "Yankev Dinezon"
6) Dutch klezmer group play "Holland terkisher"


Contents of Issue 12.011, 18 May 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed.).
2) Yiddish periodicals (ed.)
3) Kadya Molodowsky: Clearing the Mist (Zelda Kahana-Newman)
4) Table of Contents of Khulyot, Volume 11 (ed.)
5) Periodicals Received: Gilgulim 1 (Paris); Davka 4 (Jerusalem), Yidishe heftn 124 (Paris); Afn shvel 340-341 (New York); Lebns-fragn 665-666 (Tel Aviv) (ed.)


Contents of Issue 12.012, 30 June 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed.).
A Century of Yiddish, Czernowitz 1908 to Jerusalem 2008: An International Conference at the Hebrew University [Prof. Yechiel Szeintuch].
3) Reading an American Yiddish medical advertisement
4) An American Yiddish dental advertisement and the secularization of a Hebrew text
5) Rina Yosifon [see TMR 12.004] reads her Yiddish translation [see TMR 12.004] of the Lucky monologue in Beckett's Waiting for Godot


Contents of Issue 12.013, 16 July 2008

1) This issue of TMR (ed.).
Century of Yiddish Conference in Jerusalem. (Carrie Friedman-Cohen)
3) The advertisements in Yidish af yidish (see TMR 12.012) (Hershl Hartman)
4) Images of Yiddish in the Newly Established State of Israel (Anat Helman)
5) New Journal: Israel Studies in Language and Society
6) Disappearing Languages.


Contents of Issue 12.014, 25 July 2008

1) This issue of The Mendele Review
2) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century Of Yiddish 1908-2008" (Yechiel Szeintuch)
3) A Note on Avrom Karpinovitsh (ed.)
4) "Zikhroynes fun a farshnitener teater heym" [Part One Yiddish Text] (Avrom Karpinovitsh)
5) "Memoirs of a Lost Theatre Home" [Part One English Translation by Shimen Yofe] [Shimon Joffe]
6) First Afro-American to Earn Ph.D. in Yiddish Studies (Jennifer Hambrick)
7) "Gerekhtikeyt" ('Justice') from Y.-Y. Shvarts' Epic Kentuki (Robert Goldenberg)
8) Yiddish Versions of Uncle Tom's Cabin (Robert Goldenberg)
9) Periodicals Received: Yidishe heftn no. 127/8 [July/August 2008]. Issue theme: Paris between shadow and light.
10) Cover of songbook, Mir trogn a gezang [includes Gebirtig's "Motele"] (Eleanor Mlotek)
11) "Motele" lyrics and score (Eleanor Mlotek)
12) "Motele" sung by Menakhem Bernshteyn
13) Portrait and biographical sketch of Menakhem Bernshteyn [Menachem Bernstein], Haifa-based folksinger and reciter.


Contents of Issue 12.015, 12 August 2008

12 AUGUST 1952

1) This issue of The Mendele Review
2) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008"
3) The tishebov of Yiddish Literature
4) Yerushalayimer Almanakh 28, ed. Dov-Ber Kerler
a. Cover; b. Table of Contents
5) balebos and Solzhenitsyn
6) Zikhroynes fun a farshnitener teater heym (Part Two [Yiddish])
7) "Memories of a Lost Theater Home" (Part Two English translation).
8) Dovid Hofshteyn's "In rusishe felder" (Yiddish)
9) Dovid Hofshteyn's "In rusishe felder" (English translation)
10) "In rusishe felder" sung by Emil Gorovets


Contents of Issue 12.016, 27 August 2008

Abraham Brumberg, 1926 - 2008

1) This issue of The Mendele Review
2) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century Of Yiddish 1908-2008"
3) In memory of Abe Brumberg (1926-2008)
4) Paul Robeson, Itsik Fefer and Yiddish
5) "Zikhroynes fun a farshnitener teater heym" [Part Three Yiddish Text]  (Avrom Karpinovitsh)
6) "Memories of a Lost Theater Home" (Part Three English translation)
7) Yiddish Film Made in Israel; Hebrew Translation of a Bashevis Novel; Yung Yidish Calendar
8) Lyrics and Score of "Oy dortn, dortn" and "Shvartse karshelekh"
9) "Oy dortn, dortn" and "Shvartse karshelekh" sung by Abe Brumberg


Contents of Issue 12.017, 28 September 2008

*** ! *** ! ***

1) This issue of The Mendele Review
2) Letters to the Editor from Leonard Fox and Meyer Wolf.
3) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century Of Yiddish 1908-2008"
4) "A mayse iber a mayse" from Dos vintshfingerl (Warsaw, 1866) by Mendele Moykher-Sforim,
bilingual edition edited by Shalom Luria, Haifa: Univ. of Haifa Press, 1994 [Yiddish text] .
5) Portrait of Mendele by H. Inger
6) Mendele's fictive title page of (4) above.
7) Title page of Ayzik-Meyer Dik's Judaized adaptation of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, Vilna: Rom, 1887.
8) Bibliographic Note on Dik's adaptation of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
9) "Der kremer": Lyrics, Score and Notes (ed., Eleanor Mlotek)
10) Sidor Belarsky, Leibele Jinich and Menakhem Bernstein each sing "Der kremer".


Contents of Issue 12.018, 12 October 2008

Avraham Greenbaum, 1925 2008

1) This issue of The Mendele Review
2) What a few colleagues and friends say about Avraham
3) Avraham summarizes his career
4) Avraham Greenbaum's Publications*
5) Excerpts from one of Avraham's publications
6) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008"


Contents of Issue 12.019, 23 October 2008

1) This issue of The Mendele Review (ed.)
2) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008" (Carrie Friedman-Cohen)
3) "Di mayse aleyn" and "Zhid davay roshi" ['Jew, Give Money'] (Mendele Moykher-Sforim)
4) Portrait of Avrom Lyesin [Avraham Valt-Lyesin]
5) Title page of vol.1 of Lyesin's three-volume Lider un poemen (1938)
6) "Der kremer" [Lider un poemen vol.1, pp. 225-228] (Avrom Lyesin )
7) Drawing of "Der kremer" [opposite vol. 1, p. 224] (Marc Chagall)
8) On Chagall's drawing of "Der kremer" (ed.)
9) A Note on Chagall's Yiddish Book and Journal Illustrations (David Mazower)


Contents of Issue 12.020, 26 November 2008

1) This issue of The Mendele Review (ed.)
2) Kafka's Friend Dora Diamant Pays for the Shtentsl Mendele Brochure (ed. and Professor Kathi Diamant)
3) Dora Diamant and A.-N. Shtentsl at a British Seaside Resort, Summer 1950 (photo)
4) Undzer Mendele [Berlin, December, 1935] (A.N. Shtentsl)
5) "A freylekhs" ["opgedrukt lekoved dem zeydn"] A.-N.S. [Yiddish]
6) "A freylekhs" printed in Standard Yiddish
7) ('Joyous Dance [or Tune'], translation of "A freylekhs" (ed.)
8) A Reading of "A freylekhs" (ed.)
9) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008" (Carrie Friedman-Cohen)


Contents of Issue 12.021, 21 December 2008

Khanike/Hanukkah Issue

Leonard Prager z"l

Foreword by David Mazower
1) This issue of The Mendele Review (ed.)
2) Signed Marc Chagall Aquarelle (Zvi Mann and David Mazower)
3) Accompanying Chagall note to Mendl Mann, original, romanized and translated (Zvi Mann; tr. ed.)
4) Mann and Chagall in a Paris café. [Sotheby Catalogue, 1994]
5) Four menoyres [menorot] from the private collection of Zvi Mann (Zvi Mann and David Mazower)
6) "Mayn tatns menoyre" (A.- N. Shtentsl) [Yiddish, transliteration, and translation (ed.)]
7) A Folkshul Certicate from Philadelphia, 1938
8) A Folkshul Teaches About Hanukkah, Philadelphia, 1938
9) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008" (Carrie Friedman-Cohen)
10) "Borekh ate" [Khanike song based on Avrom Reyzn poem], Lyrics and Song (Robert Goldenberg)
11) Some comments on the Hanukkah theme


Contents of Issue 12.022, 2 December 2009

Leonard Prager, 1925 2008

Foreword by Noyekh Miller
1) This issue of The Mendele Review
2) Leonard Prager Biography (Barbara Prager)
3) Leonard Prager List of publications (David Mazower)
4) Leben iz kedayer (Leonard Prager, 2007)
5) Leonard Prager z"l (Noyekh Miller, 2008)
6) My friendship and collaboration with Leonard (Itsik Goldenberg)
7) My Acquaintance with Leonard (Tsvi Mann)
8) The honor to have known Leonard (Dafna Sheinwald)
9) The University of Haifa Librarys Blog Entry (Riki Greenberg)
10) Funeral and unveiling of the tombstone (Dafna Sheinwald)
11) The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008 (Carrie Friedman-Cohen)



Editor, Leonard Prager
Editorial Associate, Robert Goldenberg

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