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Volume 11, 2007

Contents of Vol. 11.001, 31 January 2007

Special Khulyot issue

Editorial: The fact that this issue of TMR celebrates three Israeli Hebrew-language publications on or related to Yiddish demonstrates the continued centrality of Israel in the field of Yiddish studies. In Israel, happily, there has been a gradual but perceptible change in attitudes towards Yiddish on the part of intellectuals and the broad public as well. Amidst all the talk of late best represented by a recent ECONOMIST article asserting (with some truth, I am afraid) a falling off of feelings of connectedness to Israel by Jewish youth throughout the world TMR affirms the fruitfulness of a worldwide Yiddish studies network in which Israeli Hebrew-language publications and institutions play a major role. To be a Yiddish scholar without a working knowledge of Hebrew is to be sorely limited. To fail to maintain close relations among Yiddish scholars worldwide is to weaken the position of Yiddish generally. The celebration marked by this issue of TMR belongs to all of Yiddishland. (ed.)

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Special Evening 5 Feb.2007 Celebrating Publication of Khulyot vol. 10 (flyer)
3) Khulyot Volume 10 (front cover)
4) On the Appearance of Volume 10 of Khulyot (A Talk by Shalom Luria, tr. ed.)
5) Table of Contents (Khulyot Volume 10)
6) Davka 2 (front cover) [Yiddish: dafke]
7) Davka 2) Table of Contents
8) Avraham Greenbaum's Perakim baHistoriagrafia shel Yahadut Rusiya [Studies in the Historiografy of Russian Jewry]. Jerusalem: Merkaz Dinur/Merkaz Zalman Shazar, 2006 [Kuntresim Mekorot uMekhkarim 96] ISBN 965-227-217-5. Front cover. [Photo of Mendele Moykher-Sforim and Shimen Dubnov (Shimon Dubnow)]
9. Greenbaum's Perakim: Abstract.


Contents of Vol. 11.002, 27 February 2007

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Reb Mordkhe,
" Outstanding Yiddish Scholar and Activist (ed.)
3) Helena Frank's Anglo-Jewish Yiddish Literary Society (Israel Abrahams)
4) Israel Abraham's Attitude to Helena Frank and to Yiddish
5) Y.-L. Perets' "Oyb nisht nokh hekher" in Helena Frank's Century-Old English Translation
6) "Di svetshap" (Moris Roznfeld)
7) "In the Factory" (translation of "Di svetshap" [The Sweatshop] by Helena Frank and Rose Pastor Stokes
8) Newly published
United Kingdom libraries yisker-bukh guide


Contents of Vol. 11.003, 8 March 2007

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Review Essay: Marion Aptroot on Erika Timm, Historische jiddische semantik and Erika Timm & Gustav Adolf Beckmann, Etymologische Studien zum Jiddischen. [New insights on how Yiddish became Yiddish ed.]


Contents of Vol. 11.004, 13 April 2007
Tenth Anniversary Issue

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Portraits of Yiddish Authors, Series 6 (David Mazower)
3) Mordkhe Schaechter
" on Yiddish kvetsh 'accent'
4) A Yiddish Moment in the American Novel ( from Jean Hanff Korelitz, The
Sabbathday River. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1999, pp. 348-349)
5) Comments on the above passage (ed.)
Tsenerene in a mid-19th century Jerusalem Ashkenazi girls' school (ed.)
Periodicals Received: Jiddistik Mitteilungen Nr. 36 [November 2006]; Lebns-fragn 57: 651-2 [January-March 2007]


Contents of Vol. 11.005, 16 April 2007
Yom HaShoa Issue

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) "Kh'hob nisht gehat di skhie" (Arn Tseytlin)
3) "I Didnt Have the Privilege" by Arn Tseytlin, English translation by Morris Faierstein
4) Introduction to Poems of the Holocaust and Poems of Faith by Aaron Zeitlin (Morris Faierstein)
5) Astrid Starck's last interview with Dovid A. Volpe (ed.)
6) Opening of Bookseller's Site (Chananya L. Goldman)


Contents of Vol. 11.006, 25 May 2007
Yiddish in Denmark Issue

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Yiddish In Denmark (Morten Thing)
Takones fun yidishn oysleg copies still available (ed)


Contents of Vol. 11.007, 30 June 2007

1) This issue of TMR (ed). ***Shirley Kumove wins prize. ***The Bergelson explosion.
2) Dovid Bergelson's "Bay nakht" translated by Leonard Prager [Yiddish text and audio:]
3) Towards a Reading of Dovid Bergelson's "Bay nakht" (ed.)
4) Books and Journals Received: Yeled shel stav***Afn shvel ***All My Young Years ***Lebns-fragn
5) Takones fun yidishn oysleyg copies still available
6) Gilgulim ('Metamorphoses'), Paris (2008- )
7) Ralph Ellison and Yiddish (ed.)


Contents of Vol. 11.008, 30 July 2007

1) This issue of TMR (ed.)
2) seyfer vs. bukh in Berglson's "Bay nakht" (ed.)
3) Forverts 110th anniversary (Rachel Rojanski)
4) International Publishers and Librarians Agree On Access to Orphan Works


Contents of Vol. 11.009, 19 August 2007

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Corrigenda re Forverts article of previous issue of TMR (ed.)
3) To My Wise and Understanding Son: Avrom-Nokhem Shtensls Letters from
Poland to Germany, 1922-1934 (Avraham Greenbaum)
4) A Note on Stencl in
Holland (Avraham Greenbaum)
5) Three poems by Avrom-Nokhem Shtentsl [Abraham Nahum Stencl]


Contents of Vol. 11.010, 30 September 2007

"There are some who consider its early disappearance by no means a certainty." [Helena Frank in 1906]

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Helena Frank's 1906 Y.-L. Perets Volume
3) Leo Wiener's Predictions, 1899
4) Mendl Man's Historic Volume of Verse, Communist
Poland 1945 
5) New Volume of Poems by Boris Karloff, 2007 (ed.)
6) The Incredible Rose Bilbool (ed.)


Contents of Vol. 11.011, 28 October 2007

Katzetnik Issue Part One

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Katzetnik -- Between Literature and History (Yechiel Szeintuch)
3) Arkadi Gendler's "Mayn shtetele Soroke" (lyrics & performance)
4) 2 New Songs by Kishenev Folklorist and Composer Arkadi Gendler (a. Yiddish / b. Romanized / c. Score)
5) Important announcement in Jerusalem Post of 16 October 2007
6) Book Received: Hebrew Poems of His Youth by Eliahu Sela-Saldinger


Contents of Vol. 11.012, 11 November 2007

Katzetnik Issue Part Two

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) On Katzetnik's Unknown Testimony at the Eichmann Trial
3) On Katzetnik's Unknown Testimony at the Eichmann Trial -- Text 
4) Yiddish "Ha-Tikva" [Romanized]
5) Al Jolson Sings "Ha-Tikva" [Older Ashkenazic Version]
6) Goldfadn's "Di yidishe hofenung" [Score]
7) Goldfadn's "Di yidishe hofenung" [Lyrics in Standard Yiddish]
8) Cantor Louis Danto sings "Di yiddishe hoffenung"
9) Instrumental Version of "Shofar shel Moshiach" [Another name for "Di yidishe hofenung"]
10) Periodicals Received Afn shvel, Davka, Lebns-fragn


Contents of Vol. 11.013, 4 December 2007

Dorfsyidn ('Rural Jews') Part One

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) "Khanike, oy Khanike" [song]
3) "Khanike, oy Khanike" [score]
4) Mendel Mann's "Ven epl beymer blien" [Yiddish text]
5)  Yiddish-English Glossary to "Ven epl beymer blien"


Contents of Vol. 11.014, 30 December 2007

Dorfsyidn ('Rural Jews') Part Two

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
2) Notes on dorfsyidn ('rural Jews')
3) On Mendel Mann's "Ven epl beymer blien"
4) Books Received
5) Periodicals Received
6) Symposium Announcement



Editor, Leonard Prager

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