The Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language

(A Companion to MENDELE)


Volume 7, 2003



Contents of Vol. 07.001,  1 January 2003

1) Looking Back and Looking Forward with TMR (ed.)
2) A Reply to Joseph Sherman's review of Shakespeare on the American Yiddish Stage (Joel Berkowitz)
3) Books Received:

a. KATZETNIK 135633; a series of dialogues with Yechiel De-Nur by Yechiel Szeintuch;

b. Oyf a strune fun regn; lider by Rivke Basman Ben-Khayim

c. Jewish Children's Periodicals in Poland  by Adina Bar-El.

d. Bloe vinklen: Itsik Manger -- lebn, lid un balada by Aleksander Shpiglblat.

4) Kotik's Memoirs in English: A Review (Joel Berkowitz)


Contents of Vol. 07.002,  25 February 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) "Der yidisher balmalokhe un dos yidishe lernyingl" (Noyekh Prilutski)
3) Five Poems by Rivke Basman translated by Zelda Kahan Newman


Contents of Vol. 07.003,  30 March 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Dovid Katz: Curriculum Vita (Dovid Katz)
3) Stencl of Whitechapel (Dovid Katz)


Contents of Vol. 07.004,  6 April 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Biographical Sketch (Heather Valencia)
3) Preliminary Note (Heather Valencia)
4) Stencl's Berlin Period (Heather Valencia)


Contents of Vol. 07.005,  31 May 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Letter to Editor regarding Yiddish in
Israel (Yael Chaver)
3) Summary of new book on Israel Bercovici (Dr. Elvira Groezinger)
4) Publications received


Contents of Vol. 07.006,  30 June 2003

1) In this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) oy vey (= _oyvey_) in
America (ed.)
3) Letter From Poland -- Was My Grandfather Jewish? (Roman)


Contents of Vol. 07.007,  22 July 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Copyright Problems With Yiddish Literature (Joseph Sherman)
3) 1882 Letter from Dessau in Hebrew script (Elisheva Schonfeld and Leonard Prager)
3a) Transcription. 3b) German translation. 3c) English translation. 3d) Commentary.
4) Letter to the Editor: About My Family Name, Szul (Roman Szul)


Contents of Vol. 07.008,  3 August 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) "When Missionaries Wrote in Yiddish: The Rise and Fall of Missionary Yiddish in
America." (Yaakov Ariel)


Contents of Vol. 07.009,  12 August 2003

1) This issue of TMR:

a. The Jewish Language Research Website;

b. The Murder of Soviet Yiddish (ed.)

2) The Murder of Soviet Yiddish (Joseph Sherman)


Contents of Vol. 07.010,  30 September 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat in Yiddish. A Review (Naomi Kadar)
3) Yiddish Literature in
America 1870-2000, ed. E.S. Goldsmith. A Review (ed.)


Contents of Vol. 07.011,  31 October 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Kadya Molodovski and the "Daytsh" ['German']
3) "Der daytsh, yemakh shmoy" (Kadye Molodovski) and English translation (ed.)
4) References to Yiddish and Use of Yiddish Words in Some Recent Fiction: Adam Thorpe, P. D. James, Erri de Luca, Martha Cooley, Rosellen Brown
5) Books Received: M. Litvin, fun der velt-poezye (ed.)
6) The surname Szul (Naomi Fatouros)


Contents of Vol. 07.012,  30 November 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (LP)
2) More on Kadye Molodovski's "Der daytsh, yemakh shmoy" (LP)
3) "Nisht geshtoygn, nisht gegfloygn" revisited (LP)
4) A New Issue of Khulyot (LP)
5) Books received (LP)

a. Latin American Yiddish anthology

b. New Neugroshchel anthology.  



Contents of Vol. 07.013,  28 December 2003

1) About this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Ewa Kozminska-Frejlak interviews Abe Brumberg
3) Review: Joseph Sherman's The Jewish Pope (Sheila Delany)
4) Books and Journals Received (ed.)
5) New Book Notices