The Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language

(A Companion to MENDELE)


Volume 9, 2005


Contents of Vol. 09.001,  30 January 2005

1) This issue (ed.).
2) Ordering information for Yiddish After the Holocaust (ed.)
3) Ordering information for Ghil'ad Zuckermann's  new book (ed.)
4) Next issue: "Status of Yiddish in Israel, 1948-1951" (R. Rojanski)
5) Coming issue: Menke, tr. Benjamin and Barbara Harshav (ed.)
6) Coming book reviews (ed.)
7) "The Literary Itinerary of Regine Robin" (Ben-Zion Shek) 14 January 2004


Contents of Vol. 09.002,  14 February 2005

1) This issue (ed.)
2) Next issues: Essays by Miriam Isaacs and Nathan Cohen
3) Coming TMR issue: Menke, tr. Benjamin and Barbara Harshav
4) Coming book reviews.
5) Status of Yiddish in Israel, 1948-1951 (Rachel Rojanski)


Contents of Vol. 09.003,  1 March 2005

1) This issue (ed).
2) Next issue: Essay by Nathan Cohen
3) Coming TMR issue: Menke
4) Coming book reviews.
5) Yiddish Hasidic Children's Literature (Miriam Isaacs)


Contents of Vol. 09.004,  15 March 2005

1) This issue (ed.)
2) Mendel Mann collection auction
3) Coming issue: Menke.
4) Coming book reviews (ed.)
5) Assn.of Jewish Writers in Poland 1944-1948(Nathan Cohen)


Contents of Vol. 09.005,  17 April 2005

TMR Eighth Anniversary Issue

1) In this issue (ed.)
2) On Henryk Berlewi (David Mazower)
3) Coming issue: Menke
4) Coming book reviews
5) Books and Journals Received


Contents of Vol. 09.006,  1 May 2005

1) In this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Some Comments on David Mazower's article on Henryk Berlewi (Seth L. Wolitz)
3) A Small Berlewi Gallery (Seth L. Wolitz)
4) Quotations from Mechano-faktura (Henryk Berlewi)
5) Coming issue: Menke
6) Coming book reviews


Contents of Vol. 09.007,  9 June 2005

1) This issue. (ed.)
2) The Goldfaden Micrograph (1897) (David Mazower)
3) A Note on Ignaz Bernstein (Lucas Bruyn)
4) Coming book reviews (ed.)
5) Books received (ed.)


Contents of Vol. 09.008,  1 July 2005

1) This issue. (ed.)
2) A Review of Menke: The Complete Yiddish Poems (ed.)


Contents of Vol. 09.009,  31 August 2005

1) This issue (ed.)
2) Dovid Bergelson, "Yordim"  [Yiddish text]
3) Dovid Bergelson's "Yordim", translated by Joseph Sherman
4) Bergelson Conference (Joseph Sherman)
5) Publisher's Announcement (Legenda Press)


Contents of Vol. 09.010, 7 September 2005

1) This issue (ed.) 
2) Bergelson and Chekhov: Convergences and Departures (Joseph Sherman)
3) Periodicals Received (ed.)
4) Books Received (ed.)
5) Publisher's Announcement
6)  Response to Menke Review


Contents of Vol. 09.011, 16 October 2005

1) Yehoyesh Project completed. (ed.)
2) On Leyb Rashkin (Dafna Sheinwald)
3) Di mentshn fun Godlbozhits by Leyb Rashkin, Chapter I
4) Publisher's Announcement: Dzhordzh der Naygeriker


Contents of Vol. 09.012, 30 November 2005

1) This issue (ed).
2) kvetsh [spelled kvetch] 'complain; complainer' is not a Yiddish word
3) Martin Doering (
4) Leyb Kvitko (1890 or 1893 -1952) and His Alefbeys
5) Leon Locker


Contents of Vol. 09.013,  29 December 2005

1)   This issue (ed.)
2)   The Israeli Language (Ghil'ad Zuckermann)
3)   More on  kvetsh (ed.)
4)   Yehoyesh's khumesh with Ulrich Greve's Jewish Calendar: Instructions




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