You need to have the RealOne™ player or the Windows Media™ player to listen to the Yiddish Stories directly from the Internet.  You also need to have an Internet connection that is fast enough to play the stories without stopping.  A 56K dial-up connection is adequate.

Both players are free programs and sound about the same.  The Windows Media player comes with Windows, so you probably have it if you use a PC.  If you use a Macintosh, you will need to download the Macintosh version of the RealOne player.  If you do not have either program, return to the Yiddish Stories page.  At the bottom of that page are three icons that connect you to the Internet sites providing the programs.

It is a good idea to have the latest version of the player you are going to use.  Note that the RealOne player is offered in several versions; one version costs money, but you do not need it to listen to the Yiddish stories or most other recordings or broadcasts on the Internet.  If you are going to download the RealOne player, you will probably find our suggestions for doing this useful.

Note that the RealOne player plays not only RealOne audio files, but Windows Media and MP3 files as well.  RealOne is used by most Internet sites offering speech or music and is probably the best choice if you want to use only one system.

Setting up Windows Media Player

Setting up the RealOne Player

Setting up to read the stories with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Getting the free version of RealOne Player

About MP3 files

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