Several versions of the RealOne Player are offered at the Real Networks web site.  The "Premium" version, which is sold, is the one most prominently advertised at the Real Networks web site, and offers some features not available in the free version.  However, the free version is entirely adequate for listening to sound recordings on the Internet.  Here are some suggestions to simplify obtaining the free RealOne Player.

If you click on the "Free RealOne Player" icon you will be transferred to the Real Networks web site.  Much of the page is devoted to a large advertisement for the "Premium" version of the player.  At the left side of the page, about halfway down, you will see a link that says "Free RealOne Player" (shown in the picture below).  The exact position of this link may be changed.  Click on the link.

This will take you to a page with another link, shown in the image below.  Click on it to download the free version of the player.  Follow the instructions you will be given on the web site, incuding those that tell you how to install the player.


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Setting up the RealOne Player

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