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Contents of Vol. 12.018 [Sequential No. 209]
Date: 12 October 2008

1) This issue of The Mendele Review
2) What a few colleagues and friends say about Avraham
3) Avraham summarizes his career
4) Avraham Greenbaum's publications*
5)  Excerpts from one of Avraham's publications
6) "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008"

1) ---------------------------------------------------
Date: 12 October 2008
From: ed.
Subject: This issue of TMR

This issue is devoted to the memory of Avraham Greenbaum z"l, who died on the morning of October 5th, 2008, having lain unconscious for a little over two years as a result of a stroke. An individual of sterling character and professional integrity, he was highly respected by all who came in contact with him. He commanded a broad range of scholarship and always strove to be expert in his subject – I doubt if anyone knew more than he did about the state of Hebrew letters in the Soviet Union. Sensitive and warm, he gave freely of his time to colleagues and students. In retirement he continued to teach courses at the University of Haifa on a volunteer basis. A historian and librarian, he published in three of the languages he knew well in addition to English: Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian. His formal titles were: Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Jewish History, University of Haifa and Research Associate, Dinur Center for the Study of Jewish History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but these hardly define the range of his activities and interests (which included the study of the mandolin!) He had a remarkable family and was a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He had a great love for Yiddish.

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Date: 12 October 2008
From: ed.
Subject: What a few colleagues and friends say about Avraham

Charles Berlin: "He was a great scholar and a mentsh. His work is a lasting contribution to Jewish scholarship. Yehi zikhro barukh."

National Library Readers Association [Givat Ram Jerusalem, 91390]: Founding member Professor Abraham Greenbaum's contribution was vital to the founding of our association and his vision will continue to guide us.

Zachary M. Baker:  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know Avraham.  He visited YIVO periodically during the years that I worked there, and that is where we first met.  For all his attainments, Avraham was the most modest of individuals.  There was no artifice about him - he was "eydlkeyt" personified.  Naturally I read his important monograph Jewish Scholarship and Scholarly Institutions in Soviet Russia, 1918-1953, a work that continues to be useful, even in the more open intellectual climate that we have enjoyed since 1989.  His contributions in the realm of historiography and bibliography were manifold, yielding insights that might otherwise have remained hidden.

חוה טורניאנסקי: מאוד הצטערתי לשמוע על מותו של אברהם ז"ל, אף על פי שבשבילו זו הייתה השתחררות ממצב קשה. הייתי אצל המשפחה הנהדרת שלו לניחום אבלים.

['I was most grieved to learn of the death of Avraham, z"l, even though it brought him release from a painful condition. I was able to attend the Shiva at the home of his wonderful family.’ [

Helen (Khayele) Beer: "I have fond memories of Avraham. The last time I was at his house at the end of 2005 was when he organised an evening for yidishistn. Any time I met him, the conversations were always intense and interesting, always on a Yiddish-related subject. He was warm-hearted and possessed a generosity of spirit."

Wolf Ze'ev Hirst: "Whatever I could tell you about Al's personality and scholarship, his generosity and general benevolence, would be less than you know yourself. You may, however, not know how popular was the regular shiur he gave for years daily after minkha at the Young Israel Synagogue in Romema [Haifa]."

3) ---------------------------------------------------
Date: 12 October 2008
From: ed.
Subject: Avraham summarizes his career

Bom in Germany. Family migrated to the U.S. in 1940, and settled in a suburb of Boston (Malden, Massachusetts). After graduating the local high school and serving for two years in the U. S. Army, I entered Harvard College (1946), where I majored in Russian. Simultaneously I studied at the local Hebrew Teacher College, graduated both institutions cum laude in 1950 and was awarded a fellowship for a year's study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1953 1 began studies at the new graduate school of Brandeis University while teaching Hebrew at local schools and in the course of time becoming a Semitics Librarian. In 1958 1 was awarded the first Ph.D. degree given by the university in Judaic Studies. 1960-1968 I was largely at Wayne State University in Detroit (librarian and teacher of Hebrew) and in 1968 I settled in Israel, working for over twenty years in a split position at the University of Haifa as Lecturer -- later Senior Lecturer -- in Jewish history and as a reference librarian. I also had ties with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, being appointed as a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies in 1986/87 and as researcher at the Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History at about the same time. In 1989 I took early retirement from the University of Haifa to move to Jerusalem and take up full-time work at the Dinur Center.      [a personal communication received several years ago.]

4) ---------------------------------------------------
Date: 12 October 2008
From: ed.
Subject:  Avraham Greenbaum's publications*

*[Please inform the editor of errors and omissions.]

Jewish Scholarship in Soviet Russia 1918-1941, Boston [s.n.], 1959.

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[About five years ago Avraham fulfilled a long-nourished desire of writing the history of the Malden Jewish community where he once lived and especially of the orthodox Beth Israel synagogue which his family attended for many years.  I know that such a publication  --  a booklet -- exists but cannot find an exact description. – ed.]

[I found a typewritten 2-page article by Avraham entitled "Reportory and Reportory Problems in the Belorussian State Theater in the Interwar Period." I don't know if it was ever published. – ed.]

Date: 12 October 2008
From: ed.
Subject: Excerpts from one of Avraham's publications  (click on any image to enlarge)

6) ---------------------------------------------------
Date: 12 October  2008
From: ed.
Subject: "The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish 1908-2008"


Prof. Chava Turniansky: "I will be delighted to participate in The Jerusalem Conference: A Century of Yiddish. I would like to deliver a paper on the history and significance of the Department of Yiddish of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Congratulations for the great idea and best wishes for its success."

Prof. Leonard Prager: "This is surely the right time to hold a conference on a century of Yiddish and I can think of no more suitable place to hold the conference than Jerusalem."

Dr. Tsvi Sadan (Tsuguya Sasaki): "I'll be glad to participate in your planned conference on Yiddish as a lecturer. I can even propose my topic immediately. I hope lectures can also be in Yiddish." 

Prof. David G. Roskies: "I would be honored to participate. It is a historic occasion that will certainly attract the best scholars in the field."


End of The Mendele Review  Issue 12.018
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