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Contents of Vol. 09.09  [Sequential No. 161]
31 August 2005

1) This issue (ed.)
2) Dovid Bergelson, "Yordim"  [Yiddish text]
3) Dovid Bergelson's "Yordim", translated by Joseph Sherman
4) Bergelson Conference (Joseph Sherman)
5) Publisher's Announcement (Legenda Press)


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31 August 2005
From: Leonard Prager, ed. 

Subject: This issue


This issue is devoted to Dovid Bergelson, one of the finest stylists in modern Yiddish literature. We present the Yiddish text of the short story "Yordim" (Declasse) in Standard Yiddish Orthography – that same remarkable set of rules which has lately come under attack from various directions. We also give Joseph Sherman's careful translation of the story. In the next issue of The Mendele Review , which we plan to send out within the next week, will appear a critical essay by Joseph Sherman entitled “Bergelson and Chekhov: Convergences and Departures” that discusses the story in considerable detail. The next issue will also contain a section devoted to books and periodicals received during the past few months.



Date: 31 August 2005

From: Robert ("Itsik") Goldenberg 

Subject: Dovid Bergelson's "Yordim" Yiddish [text]


Click here for the Yiddish text of "Yordim"



Date: 31 August 2005

From: Joseph Sherman 

Subject: Dovid Bergelson's "Yordim"  translated by Joseph Sherman


Click here for an English translation of "Yordim"


Date: 31 August 2005
From: Joseph Sherman. 
Subject: Bergelson Conference


The Sixth Mendel Friedman Conference in Yiddish, on the theme “Bergelson and His Circle”, was held under the joint auspices of the European Humanities Research Centre, University of Oxford, and the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, on 23-24 August 2005. Papers presented at this meeting treated a wide range of themes: “Bergelson’s Representations of the Civil War”; “Soviet Yiddish Literature and Ukrainian Post-Colonial Discourse, 1924-1932”; “Bergelson in and on America”; “Bergelson’s Dialogues as Deranged Communication”; and “Polyphonic Discourse in Bergelson’s Late Fiction”.

Date: 31 August 2005
From:  Legenda Press

Subject: Legenda Press Publisher's Announcement

Legenda Press, a joint imprint of the Modern Humanities Research Association and Maney Publishing, takes pleasure in announcing the appearance of the fifth volume in its Studies of Yiddish series. Edited by Joseph Sherman and Ritchie Robertson, the volume is entitled The Yiddish Presence in European Literature: Inspiration and Interaction. The collection of papers in this volume, arising from the Fourth and Fifth Mendel Friedman Conferences in Yiddish held every second year at the University of Oxford, examines some of  the fruitful interactions between Yiddish and the European literary tradition, ranging from German works of the early nineteenth century to the present, from France to Lithuania and Russia, and from classic modernist writers such as Bergelson and Kafka to Imre Kertesz, the Hungarian Nobel Laureate for Literature in 2002.

In Vol. 9, No. 10 of TMR, Joseph Sherman’s essay entitled “Bergelson and Chekhov: Convergences and Departures” is republished from this volume by kind permission. Purchase enquiries for this book, and others in the series, can be made by visiting the publishers’ website at     E-mail address as follows:

End of The Mendele Review Vol. 09.09

Editor, Leonard Prager

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