The Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language

(A Companion to MENDELE)


Volume 5, 2001


Contents of Vol. 05.001,  31 January 2001

   1) Words and Names (ed.)
       a. "vi got in frankraykh"
       b. odes or ades? [as "vi got in odes/ades"]
       c. di GOT-l-ak-es [=4 syllables] not di got-LAK-es [=3 syllables]
       d. The Jewish name Gordon/Gordin
       e. From Kass to Cohen at Ellis Island
       f. Toplpunkt and daytshmerish
       g. 6 hard words from Radzin, Poland -- a call for help
   2) Jaffa Arab boatmen speaking Yiddish in 1931 (ed.)
   3) A Note on Isaac Metzker's "To the New World" [Project Onkelos
   4) Books and Journals Received (ed.)
       a. Khone Shmeruk, Ayarot ukhrakhim...
       b. The Ben Uri Story from Art Society to Museum...
c. Jiddistik Mitteilungen [Jiddistik in deutschsprachigen Laendern]
       d. Grine medine; a yidishe, literarishe tsaytshrift


Contents of Vol. 05.002,  25 February 2001

   1) Peintres Juifs a
Paris 1905 - 1939 (reviewed by David Mazower)
   2) A New Edition and Translation of Mendele's Peyrek Shire (ed.) ( )
   3) More on Odes / Ades (Shaya Mitelman)


Contents of Vol. 05.003,  31 March 2001

1) On Shalom Asch's short story "kidesh ha-shem" (ed.)
2) "kidesh ha-shem" (Shalom Asch)
3) On the Yiddish word korzhel / korshel 'coachbox' (Meyer Wolf)


Contents of Vol. 05.004,  13 April 2001

TMR 4th Anniversary Issue

[Volume 1, No. 1 of The Mendele Review appeared on 13 April 1997]

1) A Note on "dreyfus in kasrilevke" (ed.)
2) "dreyfus in kasrilevke" (sholem-aleykhem)
3) From Hugo Blumberg to Ugo da Montefeltro (ed.)
4) kozles 'coachman's box' (Lucas Bruyn)


Contents of Vol. 05.005,  
Israel 19 April 2001 Yom HaShoa VeHagvura

[ondenk tog fun umkum un gvure]

['Holocaust and Martyrs' Remembrance Day']

1) A note on "fir vos zenen gegangen" (ed.)
2) "fir vos zenen gegangen"* (yeshayohu shpigl)
3) Thomas Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree and Yiddish (Louis Fridhandler )
4) Readers comment on "Dreyfus in Kasrilevke" [TMR 5.004]

a. Louis Fridhandler on nakidke;

b. Shaye Mitelman on tshesuntsha;
c. Michael Steinlauf on Labori; d. Poles in Ukraine; e. Errata

Contents of Vol. 05.006,  21 May 2001

1) On this issue of TMR (ed.)
2) Joshua A. Fishman's Can Threatened Languages be Saved? (reviewed by Sholem Berger)
3) Excerpt from Joshua A. Fishman's introductory chapter in Joshua A. Fishman, ed. Can threatened languages be saved?
4) Excerpts from "Hebrew After a Century of RLS Efforts" by B. Spolsky and E. Shohamy in Joshua A. Fishman, ed. Can threatened languages be saved?
5) A joke about liking lokshn in Yiddish and Hebrew versions (ed.)

Contents of Vol. 05.007,  26 June 2001

1) About This Issue (ed.)
2) "A note on the language of this book" [from Ron Kuzar, Hebrew and Zionism; A Discourse Analytic Critical Study]
3) Journals Received (ed.) Toplpunkt; Lebns-fragn; Jiddistik Mitteilungen.


Contents of Vol. 05.008, 31 July 2001

1) About This Issue (ed.)
2) A Note on the Hebrew-Aramaic Component in Yiddish (ed.)
3) "gegesene teg" (Lamed Shapiro)


Contents of Vol. 05.009, 

3) "gegesene teg" (Lamed Shapiro) [continued]


Contents of Vol. 05.010, 

3) "gegesene teg" (Lamed Shapiro) [continued]


Contents of Vol. 05.011,  31 August 2001

Rosheshone/Yonkiper Numer
[High Holidays Issue]

1) makhzor/lerosh hashono veyom hakipurim, Hebrew Publishing Co., 1926

2) tvey yonkiper lider [Two Day of Atonement Poems] (Avrom-Nokhem Shtentsl)


Contents of Vol. 05.012,  30 September 2001

Sukes Numer [Sukkot Issue]

1) Mendele Moykher-Sforim's "di kliatshe" and the Palestinians (ed.)
2) A selection from "Di kliatshe" (Mendele Moykher-Sforim)
3) Mendele on "Yidishe parnoses" ['Jewish occupations'] -- A view from
4) A Note on Shmuel Izban (ed.)
5) Shmuel Izban's Umlegale: yidn shpaltn yamen (Samuel Z. Klausner)


Contents of Vol. 05.013,  29 October 2001

1) In this issue (ed.)
2) The Implications of a New Bergelson Translation (Lawrence A. Rosenwald)
3) Journals Received (ed.)

a. Lebns-fragn 593-4 (Sept-Oct 2001)
b. Toplpunkt 3 (2001)



Contents of Vol. 05.014,  5 November 2001

The Crisis at the Hebrew National Archives "Gnazim"(1)

1) About this issue (ed.)
2) A Petition to save the National Archives "Gnazim" ("signed" by Khayim Bialik, Uri Tsvi Grinberg, and Shaul Tshernikhovski) [PLEASE SIGN AND FAX TO "GNAZIM"!] 3) Howe-Greenberg and the Proletpen poets (ed.)
4) Frume Halpern: A "Proletarian" Writer (ed.)
5) "Proletarian" Prose Illustrated: "Blume" by Frume Halpern
6) Publications Received:

a. Forverts

b. Yugntruf

ERRATUM:The email address of Lawrence Rosenwald given in the last issue of TMR was erroneous. It should be


Contents of Vol. 05.015,  16 December 2001

1) Ezra Lahad's Bibliography of Printed Yiddish Plays (ed.)
2) Yiddish and "Yidishkayt" in a British Provincial Town (ed.)
3) shatkhen and "Shot Gun" (ed.)