Di Velt fun Yidish

Index to Druyanov's Book of Jokes and Wit

by  Elisheva Schoenfeld

Edited by Leonard Prager
with the help of Marina Goldstein and Adam Prager

Preface and Introduction

Editor's Preface (Hebrew) [to come]
Editor's Preface (English) [to come]

Introduction (Hebrew)
Introduction (English)

General Index, Alef to Taf

Alef Bet Gimel Daled Hey Vav Zayin Khet Tet Yod Kaf
Lamed Mem Nun Samekh Ayin Pey Tsadi Kof Resh Shin Taf

Special Indices

1.Index to "Famous Persons" [Druyanov, chapter 27]
2.Index of Persons
3.Corrections to the "Index of Persons" in Druyanov, vol. 3, pp. 354-381]
4.Index of Places
5. Correlation with Story Types in Aarne-Thompson
6. Motifs Correlated with the Motif Index of Folk Tales


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