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2.001 [Sequential No. 192]
17 January 2007

1) This issue of TMR (ed).
Obituary for Professor Rashid Kaplanov
3) Front cover of Yidishe heftn 121 (Paris, January 2008)
4) Yiddish conversation group in Leyvik House, Tel Aviv
A flyer announcing courses in Yiddish in Haifa 2008
6) Leyvik as guest of the Pinskis in Haifa
7) Front cover of pamphlet of Leyvik's six Carmel poems
8) Table of Contents of pamphlet
9) Leyvik's "Dos harts fun der nakht": text and Hebrew translation
10) "The Heart of the Night" [English translation of above]
11) Yiddish text of "Salutn in Kheyfe"
12) English translation of "Salutn in Kheyfe"

17 January 2008
From: ed.
This issue of TMR

*** Here is a brief clarification from Ronald Florence on the hay vs. straw issue (see last TMR) " the gist of the distinction is that hay is grasses and legumes raised as forage for ruminants, equines, and small animals like rabbits; it is usually cut and baled three or more times per year. Straw is the stalks of grains like wheat, oats, or rye, and is cut and baled for use as bedding, mulch, or perhaps to put into bricks (if we trust Exodus) after the grain has been harvested for flour or other milled products.  There is little nutritional value in straw." ***A link to an engrossing TimesOnLine obituary for an incredible scholar who knew Yiddish and is said to have known well over thirty other languages*** Attractive front cover of latest (January 2008) issue of Yidishe heftn featuring Nosn Altman's portrait of the great Soviet Yiddish actor Shloyme Mikhoels. This issue also carries selections from Y.-Y. Trunk's Khelemer khakhomim. For web page of sponsoring body of Yidishe heftn see Remaining in the productive French sphere, we are pleased to say that the June 2007 issue of the journal Der Yidisher Tam-Tam (published by the Maison de la Culture Yiddish, Paris, France) is graphically outstanding and well worth the attention of Yiddish students. See *** An internet announcement by Tel Aviv's Leyvik House of formation of a Yiddish conversation group.*** A flyer announcing courses in Yiddish in Haifa 2008. It reads: "Pearls of Yiddish / Yiddish is not disappearing / A million people spoke it and speak it to this day / It must not be allowed to disappear / Come and register for courses .for beginning or advanced students / Conversation, literature, grammar and song ***A pamphlet issued in 1963 by the Haifa Workers' Council reprinting six H. Leyvik poems on the theme of Carmel Mountain. Leyvik visited Israel a number of times and in 1957 wrote "The Heart of the Night." *** In the last book of his to be published, Leyvik includes a poem that stems from a visit to Haifa in the 1950s and that is dedicated to the first president of the State of Israel, Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952). Leyvik's "Salutn in Kheyfe" (in ondenk funem ershtn nosi fun Medines Yisroel) salutes a departure by sea of the first president of the State of Israel. It is an occasional poem that captures the official farewell with gun-firing that marks the departure by ship of a ranking figure. This poem expresses the strong love of Israel the poet felt following his first visit in 1934. (In 1929 he broke with the Communists who defended the Hebron riots as healthy opposition to imperialism.)

17 January 2008
From: ed.
Professor Rashid Kaplanov obituary

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17 January 2008
From: ed.
Subject: Front cover of Yidishe heftn (
Paris, January 2008)

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17 January 2008
From: Leyvik House
Subject: Yiddish conversation group in Leyvik House


. 0544840325


nokh filtsolike vendungen fun fraynd fun Leyvik-hoyz

velkhe viln redn Yiddish in an intimer atmosfer

hobn mir bashlosn tsu shafn a krayz gevidmet

a Yiddish-shmues bay a tepele kave

di farinteresirte bite zikh vendn tsu tundzer byuro

oder tsu di koordinirerin liat sadeh tel. 0544840325



. 0544840325


30 ; 03-5231830

Dov Hoz St. Tel Aviv; Tel. 03-5231830


17 January 2008
From: ed.
Haifa flyer

17 January 2008
From: ed.
Subject: Leyvik as guest of Pinskis in

7) ---------------------------------------------------
17 January 2008
From: ed.
Subject: Front cover of "Zeks lider"

8) -----------------------------------------------
17 January 2008
From: ed.
Subject: Table of Contents of pamphlet


[ 1957]

[ 1957]

[ 1957]

[ 1957]

[ 1957]


9) ---------------------------------------------------
17 January 2008
From: ed.
Yiddish Text and Hebrew translation of [ 1957]

17 January 2008
From: ed.
Subject: The Heart of the Night by H, Leyvik

The Heart of the Night

I touch the heart of the night with my fingers
When my eyes take in the
Whose night, bathed at times in blue light
Is never closed.

My longing glows to see a cut of Nature
In her ever-streaming limbs.
High on the
Carmel, on the track of Light,
I bring my valley-poems to a cave.

I bring them to a cave to hide
And generations of granite will press them,
My word preserved under levels of rock
Whem I am long gone.

Five or ten thousand years from now
I shall return to this granite cave
On this same blue-lit
To touch the poems I placed there.

17 January 2008
From: ed.

From A blat oyf an eplboym, Buenos-Ayres: Kiyum Farlag, 1955, pp. 232-233


17 January 2008
From: ed.
Subject: English translation of

Salutn in Kheyfe fun H. Leyvik

Haifa Port revels, celebrates,
Sounding cannon and trumpets
And the people shout
"Bon voyage" to their President.

The public has flocked here,
Crowding roofs and balconies
To wave blue and white flags
For their President.

The President takes leave
As shadows loom over the world --
Oh God, overseer and protector,
Watch over

The President is ripe in years
And his wise eyes radiate
A wondrous rainbow light

Israel is younger than its President,
But not in fate, not in fealty to an oath;
To the gracious gate of Destiny
Sails Israel's President.

The salutes grow quieter.
With the help of his retinue
The President mounts the ship's ladder
With some effort.

The anchor rises from the deep,
The waters of the Port froth and foam,
The chimney shudders
And away sails the President of Israel.

The ship moves far beyond the shore
Deep into the
Mediterranean Sea;
The President remains alone
With himself and his troubles.

A fiery sun descends upon the West
And the President looks about for a chair
On which to rest --
The President is exhausted.

The evening new-dressed in blueness
Wakes a fading star
To watch over the masts
And over the President of Israel.


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