The Mendele Review: Yiddish Literature and Language

(A Companion to MENDELE)


Volume 6, 2002




Contents of Vol. 06.001,  31 January 2002

1) Is Yiddish a "Mixed" Language? (Prof. Vulf Plotkin)
2) On Perets'"Reb Yoykhenen Gabe" [ed.]
3) "Reb Yoykhenen gabe" (Y.-L. Perets)
4) Mado Le Gall's Yiddish documentary film Moshe Zalcman,Un Mentsh [ed.]  



Contents of Vol. 06.002,  28 February 2002

1) "Index of Plays" in Ezra Lahad's  Bibliography of Printed Yiddish Plays (ed.)
2) A Reply to Vulf Plotkin (Dovid Braun)
3) A Yiddish Illustrated Book: The Charney Lider /Benn "tseykhenungen" 1950 Collaborative Volume (ed.)
4) Book Received: Seth L. Wolitz, ed., The Hidden Isaac Bashevis Singer.
Austin: University of Texas Press, 2001.



Contents of Vol. 06.003,  31 March 2002

1) In Memoriam: Ted Gorelick [1937-2001] (ed.)
2) Publications Received (ed.):
    a) Reb Mortkhele's Motele Memoirs
    b) Shmuel Werses'  hakeytsa ami!
    c) Jiddistik Mitteilungen No. 26 / November 2001



Contents of Vol. 06.004,  13 April 2002


1. Fifth Anniversary Issue (ed.)
2, Regarding Ted Gorelick (ed.)
3. Lahad collection at Stanford (Zachary Baker)
The Yiddish Publisher and Printer
Israel London, 1898 - 1968 (David  Mazower)
5. Catalogue of Books Published and/or Printed by
Israel London (David Mazower)


Contents of Vol. 06.005,   30 May 2002

"Workbook" on the Asch-Howe Quarrel

1) Why Was Sholem Asch Upset With Irving Howe? (ed.)
2) Howe on Asch in the Treasury's "Introduction" (selections)
3) Correspondence Re Asch's Stories in the Howe-Greenberg Treasury of Yiddish Stories
4) Index of Persons (ed.)


Contents of Vol. 06.006,  30 June 2002

1) Sholem Asch in this issue of  TMR and the last (ed.)
2) Sholem Ash, "a shtiler gortn" [romanized version]
3) On Reading "a shtiler gortn" in the 21st Century (ed.)
4) "Vos darft ir mer?": Yosef Guri's latest collection of Yiddish idioms (ed.)


Contents of Vol. 06.007,  29 July 2002

1) The Buenos-Aires "Musterverk" series at 45 (Robert Goldenberg and Leonard Prager)
2) Shmuel Rozhanski introduces the "Musterverk" Index volume (Robert Goldenberg)
3) The Musterverk Volumes Listed According to their Volume Numbers (Robert Goldenburg and Leonard Prager)
4) Some Observations on Yiddish in Israel (ed.)



Contents of Vol. 06.008,  31 August 2002

1) Introducing the Yiddish Theater Forum (Leonard Prager)
2) Realizing the Vision of Oxford, Summer 1999 (Joel Berkowitz)
3) King Lear on Orchard Street: Louis Kramer's di amerikaner kinder (Leonard Prager)
4) Coming Issues of the YTF (Joel Berkowitz)


Contents of Vol. 06.009,  30 September 2002

1) Letter from the Editor (Joel Berkowitz)
2) Letters to the Editor
      a. Yiddish Theatre in
South Africa (Veronica Belling)
      b. A Yiddish Play About Roderigo Lopez (Robin Lithgow)
      c. Zylbercweig's Legacy (Shirley Fair)
      d. Seeking Yiddish Play on Slavery in Egypt (Yankev Szczupak)
      e. Yiddish Pro-Zionist Plays after Balfour Declaration (James Renton)
3) A Names Index to Zylbercweig's Leksikon (Faith Jones)


Contents of Vol. 06.010,  7 October 2002

1) Was there a "fourth act"? (ed.)
2) Review of Joel Berkowitz, Shakespeare on the American Yiddish Stage (Joseph Sherman)
3) Some bon mots on Yiddish theater by Der lebediker (ed.)


Contents of Vol. 06.011,  30 November 2002

1) About this and future issues (ed.):
2) A Note on lebnsbild (Brigitte Dalinger)
3) Khulyot 7 Table of Contents (ed.)
4) The Bayonne miscellany Ineynem ['United'] (ed.)
5) "der yidn-fraynd" (Yekhiel Reznik) (romanized)
6) "The Friend of the Jews" (Yekhiel Reznik) (Translated by Leonard Prager)  



Contents of Vol. 06.012,  12 December 2002

1) Letter from the Editor: Goldfaden and Yiddish Theatre Studies (Joel Berkowitz)
2) Letters to the Editor
    a. Yiddish Theatre in Montreal (Itzik Block)
    b. Goldfaden in London (David Mazower)
3) Dissertation abstract: "The Botched Kiss: Avraham Goldfaden and the
    Literary Origins of the Yiddish Theatre" (Alyssa Quint)
4) Goldfaden's 'Shabes, yontev, un rosh khoydesh' (Seth Wolitz)