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Louis Fridhandler

Weinreich's index1 to accessible English translations of Sholem-Aleykhem was a landmark contribution.  New translations called for Miller's2 1977 update, and the present indexes offer a further update. The bilingual reader needs indexes not only to the original Yiddish of works in translation, but also to works not yet translated.


The indexes given here offer the following useful features:


1) English and Yiddish titles are in alphabetical order. Obeying custom, the definite or indefinite article is placed last.  After the alphabetical arrangement, the Yiddish titles are again listed chronologically.


2) All Yiddish titles found are listed whether or not there is an English translation.


3) All works in our principal Yiddish sources (Folksfond Oysgabe (Peoples Edition, 1917-1923), the Forverts 1942 edition and Dos Sholem-Aleykhem Bukh  (1926, 1958)) are identified, as well as works in a number of other Yiddish editions.


4) Even a cursory scan of the chronological list reveals eras of high productivity contrasting with those of relatively low productivity. The correlation with personal biographical details and socioeconomic history is of interest.

The bilingual reader will benefit most, but those who read no Yiddish should also find the data of interest from various viewpoints: historical, literary, bibliographical or biographical.


1. Weinreich, Uriel, "Guide to English Translations of Sholem Aleichem," in The Field of Yiddish, ed. Uriel Weinreich.  New York: Linguistic Circle of New York, 1954.

2. Miller, David Neal, "Sholem Aleichem in English: The Most Accessible Translations," Yiddish 2: 61-70, Summer 1977.