Yiddish Theatre Forum [YTF]
Joel Berkowitz, Editor 
Vol. 04.004

Date: July 29, 2005
From: Eleanor Kennedy
Subject: Goldfaden's "Adon Olam Valse"

I am seeking information concerning Abraham Goldfaden's "Adon Olam  
Valse (Gott die Almechtiger)".  In the 1990 collection of Goldfaden's  
songs compiled by Irene Heskes this piece is identified as being from  
Bar Kochba.  This song is not in the libretto published by the  
Hebrew Publishing Company, nor is it in the 1904 piano vocal score  
(published by Mazin and arranged by A. Garfinkel).  However, it is in  
the 1917 piano vocal score published by Schenker.  It's included at  
the end, with the subhead "Sung by Mrs. R. Prager."

Can anyone tell me when this song was added to Bar Kochba, and where  
in the piece it was sung?  I know that it was common practice on  
Broadway in this period for stars to insert songs into a show that  
would better showcase their special talents.  Was that the case  
here?  Or did Goldfaden, perhaps, write it specifically for Regina  
Prager?  Was it added as an extra song, or was it substituted for  
something else?

I would be grateful for any information.

Eleanor Kennedy


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