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1) From the Editor
2) Yiddish Theatre in Argentina (Donald Castro)
3) Bibliography of Yiddish Plays at the Library of Congress (Zachary Baker)

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Date: 10 June 2005
From: Joel Berkowitz
Subject: From the Editor

Some time ago in the Forum (Vol. 2.001), our friend and Editorial Board member Zachary Baker offered readers a sneak preview of his work on an annotated bibliography to the Lawrence Marwick Collection of Copyrighted Yiddish Plays at the Library of Congress.  Fraynt Baker and his colleague Bonnie Sohn have now completed this monumental undertaking; a description as well as a link to the bibliography can be found below.  This is yet another invaluable bibliographic resource for anyone working on American Yiddish drama and theatre.  And this seems a fitting opportunity to invite readers once again to keep the Editor abreast of new developments in the field: translations, productions, books, articles, museum exhibits, concerts, etc.

Date: 30 May 2005
From: Donald Castro
Subject: Yiddish Theatre in Argentina

>From limited sources, I have found that Buenos Aires was part of a circuit that included Warsaw and  New York, for several traveling companies of Yiddish theatre groups.  I am seeking information on such groups, as well as additional information on the Yiddish theatre in Argentina.  I am a professor of history at CSU Fullerton, and have published on the image of Jews in the Argentine popular theatre and on Argentine immigration policy as it related to Jewish settlement in Argentina.

Many thanks for your assistance,

Donald Castro (dcastro@fullerton.edu)

Date: 10 June 2005
From: Zachary Baker
Subject: Bibliography of Yiddish Plays at the Library of Congress

I'm pleased to announce that The Lawrence Marwick Collection of Copyrighted Yiddish Plays: An Annotated Bibliography, is now accessible via the Library of Congress website: http://www.loc.gov/rr/amed/marwick/marwickbibliography.pdf .  The bibliography was compiled by Zachary M. Baker, with the assistance of Bonnie Sohn.

The more than 1,200 scripts included in the bibliography were deposited by their authors or theatrical producers, at the U.S. Copyright Office between 1909 and roughly 1950.  The contents of the bibliography are as follows:

Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography, by Zachary M. Baker
The Yiddish Theater In America: A Brief Historical Overview, by Edna Nahshon
Yiddish Plays From The Lawrence Marwick Collection [the bibliography proper]
Index to Yiddish Titles
Index to Yiddish and English Titles in Roman Characters
Index to Names of Persons Other Than Primary Authors

Several years ago, 77 of these play scripts were digitized and made accessible via LC's American Memory website:  http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/vshtml/vsyid.html.

The bibliography was made possible by a generous grant from Claire Marwick, whose late husband Dr. Lawrence Marwick was head of LC's Hebraic Section for many years.  Over 20 years ago Dr. Marwick discovered these scripts in the Copyright Office's files and he and his successor, the late Myron Weinstein, arranged for their transfer to the Hebraic Section.  Myron Weinstein, Dr. Michael Grunberger, and their co-workers in the Hebraic Section organized the collection and did some preliminary cataloging of the scripts, thereby making it possible for work on the annotated bibliography to proceed.  Bonnie Sohn, who assisted in its compilation, is a retired librarian who resides in the Washington, DC area.  Also, she is connected to the Yiddish theater through her brother, the noted actor Zvee Scooler.  The expert typographer William F. (Fred) Hoffman, turned a series
of raw computer files into a handsome publication.

Zachary Baker
Stanford University Libraries

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