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Contents of Vol. 03.007
5 August 2004

1) Yiddish actor M. Strassberg (Jean-Sebastien Chorin)
2) Max Bernstein (Marcia Bernstein Huttner)
3) Synopses of Yiddish plays (Harry Cornbleet)
4) Yiddish theatre in Vienna (David Harris)

Date: 15 June 2004
From:  Jean-Sebastien Chorin 
Subject: Yiddish actor M. Strassberg

I am searching for information about Moishe/Morris STRASSBERG (Shtrasberg in Yiddish),an actor in the Yiddish theatre and Yiddish movies. He was born in 1897 in
Lemberg (Austrian Galicia) and died in 1974 in New-York.  Thank you very much

Jean-Sebastien Chorin

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Date: 11 July 2004
From: Marcia Bernstein Huttner 
Subject: Max Bernstein

To the Editor:

I am doing research on my grandfather, Max Bernstein, President of The
Libby Hotel     (1926-1929), the first large modern hotel built on the
Lower East Side of New York City (corner of Delancey and Christie Streets).

The Libby Hotel broadcast the first Yiddish radio station, WFBH, and the
first Yiddish radio program, "The Libby Hotel Hour."  The hotel was  the
gathering place of such celebrities as Sol Hurok, Rube Goldberg, and George
Jessel, and members of the Hebrew Actors Union.

I know that my grandfather was active in the Yiddish theater on Second
Avenue in the late twenties and thirties and I've read that he was the
proprietor of a Jewish theatrical magazine.

I'd be grateful for any information on Max's connection to the Yiddish
theater.  I do have a fair amount of material from the local Yiddish and
English press relating to the story of the hotel.

Best regards,

Marcia Bernstein Huttner
The Max Bernstein Project
104 Dahlia Drive
Wayland, MA 01778
508 358 5117 phone
508 358 5303 fax
617 312 9548 cell

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Date: 14 July 2004
From: Harry Cornbleet 
Subject: Synopses of Yiddish plays

I am working on a project with the Magnes Museum in Berkeley, California,
to help create a slide show about the Yiddish theater. We are looking for
Yiddish Theater play summaries, that is, brief synopses to explain various
posters that will be shown in the slides. I have tried to obtain this
information from YIVO, the Folksbiene Theater, and the Museum of the City
of New York, as well as various libraries, but to no avail. Any suggestions
would be most welcome.

We are looking for synopses of the following plays:

Dos groyse gevins by Sholem Aleichem
Meshiekh kumt by Joseph Rumshinsky
Dem tsadiks mishpokhe by Ludwig Satz
Der griner milyoner by Abraham Shomer
Oy is dus a meydl by Jacob Kalich

Thank you very much.


Harry Cornbleet

Date: 27 July 2004
From: David Harris 
Subject: Yiddish theatre in Vienna

Dr. Fritz Neubauer, Professor of Language at the University of Bielefeld in
Germany, summarized portions of two important books about the Yiddish
Theatre in Vienna in the early years of the 20th Century. As a service to
the Jewish Genealogy (JewishGen) Organization's, Yiddish Theatre and
Vaudeville Research Group, Dr. Neubauer submitted his summary to that
mailing list. The books, written in German, were both authored by Brigitte
Dalinger.  They are:

_Verloschene Sterne: Geschichte des juedischen Theaters in Wien_
('Extinguished Stars': The History of the Jewish Theatre in Vienna).
Vienna: Picus Publishers,1998; and _Quellenedition zur Geschichte des
juedischen Theaters in Wien_ (Source Edition on the History of the Yiddish
Theatre in Vienna). Tuebingen: Niemeyer Publishers, 2003.

The extensive summary, including names of playwrights, actors, and
actresses involved with the Viennese Yiddish stage of that era, can be
found on the JewishGen.org website, URL:

Submitted by
David Harris
Silver Spring, MD, USA

End of Yiddish Theatre Forum 03.007