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Contents of Vol. 03.004

5 April 2004


1) Your tshuves to readers’ shayles (Joel Berkowitz)

2) Uriel Acosta (Miriam Isaacs)

3) Yiddish theatre in Portland, Oregon (Polina Olsen)

4) The Jewish King Lear (Ruth Gay and Sophie Glazer)




Date: 5 April 2004

From: Joel Berkowitz <yankl@albany.edu>

Subject: Your tshuves to readers’ shayles


The fact that the YTF is under Mendele’s umbrella sometimes causes some confusion as to where to send responses to questions posted here.  Please send them directly to me at the above email address.  I will be happy to post them in the subsequent issue.




Date: 14 March 2004

From: Miriam Isaacs <misaacs@wam.umd.edu>

Subject: Uriel Acosta


Karl Guzkow's _Uriel Acosta_ was a favorite of Jacob Adler--his _Hamlet_, so to speak.  I would appreciate information any readers might have about how the title character and the rabbinic establishment he confronted were portrayed on the Yiddish stage--as opposed to, say, the Russian or German.



Date: 15 March 2004    

From: Polina Olsen <Polina-Olsen@comcast.net>

Subject: Yiddish theatre in Portland, Oregon


In about 1935 a Yiddish theatre troupe from New York came to Portland
several times.  The director's name sounds like Dubin, and his wife was part of the cast. I'm writing an Oral History on a gentleman who briefly worked as an accompanist for this theatre troupe.  I would be grateful for any information about this director and/or this troupe.


Date: 5 April 2004

From: Ruth Gay <ruthgay1@verizon.net> and

Sophie Glazer <Sophieglazer@aol.com>

Subject: The Jewish King Lear


For a translation of Jacob Gordin's Jewish King Lear, we would be grateful for information about early and variant texts of the play. Any unpublished accounts of early performances, or letters from Jacob Gordin, would also be very welcome.



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