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12 March 2004

1) Bernard Mendelovitch (Joel Berkowitz)
2) "Rumenye, Rumenye" (Molly Ungar)

Date: 12 March 2004
From: Joel Berkowitz 
Subject: Bernard Mendelovitch

The YTF mourns the passing of Bernard Mendelovitch on March 8, at the age of 79.  A fixture in the Yiddish theatre of London's East End from an early age, he continued performing throughout his life, and was "discovered" by American Yiddish audiences in recent years.  He brought great warmth, energy, and intelligence to his performances, and was a walking encyclopedia of Yiddish theatre history.  A full obituary will appear shortly.
Date: 2 March 2004
From: Molly Ungar 
Subject: "Rumenye, Rumenye"  

I am researching Aaron Lebediev and his song "Romania, Romania", specifically the 6 minute version, recorded on the Banner label, probably in the early 1950's. Would anyone on your list have information about Lebediev and his activities during WWII and after, or would anyone be familiar with the full text of the Banner record words, which are not the same as the ones on the printed, 1947 sheet music?
As well, would anyone know the musical in which "Romania, Romania" was performed?
Thank you,
Molly Ungar  

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