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Contents of Vol. 02.003
Date: 30 April 2003

1) A Catalog of Yiddish Play Manuscripts and Typescripts at the
American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati, PART TWO  (Leonard Prager)

Date: 30 April 2003
From: Leonard Prager 
Subject:  A Catalog of Yiddish Play Manuscripts and Typescripts at the
American Jewish Archives, Cincinnatil, PART TWO [PART
ONE = _YTF_ 02.002]

Table of Contents of  PART TWO

PLAYS #200-#253
Box 19: Items 1 - 12
Another AJA Box / Separate Plays


LIST OF PERSONS (Playwrights, Translators, Composers, Librettists,
Copyists, Ms. Owners, Prompters)


PLAYS #201-#253

201.  S. Rotshkovski.  _Endzhl feys_ ['Angel Face'].  "Drame in 3 aktn".
Bound sheets. 11" x 8" (looks like carbon copy).  No pagination.  Clean

202.  Moyshe Rikhter.  _A kale tsu farkoyfn_  ['A Bride for Sale']
"Komedye drame in 4 aktn".  Ms. 91 pp.  (loose pages that are stapled
crudely).  Fair hand. 11" x 8 1/2".

203.  Moyshe Rikhter.  _Dos importirte vaybl_  ['The Imported Little
Wife'].  "Komedye in 3 aktn".  Performed with O. Ostroff in Majestic
Theater Detroit 30 March 1927.  Typescript. 44pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

204.  Moyshe Rikhter.  _Perele dem shusters tokhter_ ['Pearlie, the
Cobbler's Daughter'].  In four acts.  Copied by Julius Schwartz.  Bound
ms. notebook. 28, 22, [10] pp. 9 1/2" x 8 ".

205.  N. Rakov.  _Dos dorfs meydl_ ['The Village Girl'].  "An
iberzetsung fun _die karka_ [?] -- fun herr nokhem rakov /
(ibergeshribn?) geshriben fun deyv reznikov' ['a translation of Mr.
Nahum Rakoff's _The Ground_ (rewritten?) written by Dave Resnikoff'].
Ms. notebook. 83 pp.  End has:  "geshribn fun dem suflyer deyv reznikov
Dave Resnikoff 1412 Wilkins Ave Bronx" ['written by the prompter Dave
Resnikoff ...']. 10" x 8 ".

206.  N. Rakov.  _Mazl tov dir, tate_ ['Congratulations, Dad!'].
"Muzikl fars-komedye in 3 aktn".  Ms. notebook. 56 pp.  (one side only).
10" x 8".

207.  N. Rakov.  _Getlikhe liebe_ [getlekhe libe].  ['Divine Love'].
"Familyen drame in 4 aktn."  Ms. notebook. 88 pp.  (one side only).
Finished March 14th 1926 / Hotel Statler / Detroit, Michigan. 10" x 8".

208.  N. Rakov.  _Shtile layden_ [laydn].  ['Silent Suffering'].  In
four acts.  Ms. notebook 8 pp.  (largely one side only).  Copied by
Moris Markovits [Markowitz?]. 10" x 8".

209.  N. Rakov.  _Sha sha der rebe geht_ [geyt].  ['Quiet, the Rebbe is
Coming'].  In three acts.  Ms. notebook. 41 pp.  (one side only).
Inserted slip:  "Pittsburgh Pa.  / Mar. 17 / 1928 / to Mr. Markowitz /
for arranging songs - - $2.50". 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

210.  N. Rakov.  _Dos traye kind, oder Der konvikt_ ['The Faithful
Child, or The Convict'].  "lebns bild in 4 akt".  Ms. notebook. 105 pp.
(both sides of page).  "geshribn 21 December 1911 / New York / Adolph
Lianski". 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

211.  N. Rakov.  _Gotts matone_ [gots].  ['God's Gift'].  In four acts.
Title page:  "spetsiel geshribn far madam prager un mr. yovelier".
['Specially written for Madam Prager and Mr. Yuvilir'].  Ms. 102 pp.  +
3 (duet) loose sheet insert on stationery of Duchess Theatre Co., 5708
Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio with song routine on both sides.  "Property
of Adolph Liansky/copy written by Dave Kramer". 8 1/4" x 6 1/2".

212.  Anshl Shor.  _Faybish darf a vayb_ ['Phoebus Needs a Wife'].  "A
komedye-drame mit muzik in 2 aktn".  Typescript. 40pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

213.  Anshl Shor.  _Zaza_ ['Zaza'].  "Drame in 4aktn".  Ms. (one side
only).  Signed by A.D.  Alexander.  No pagination.  Sloppy work. 10" x

214.  Moyshe Shor.  _Di ershte libe_ ['First Love'].  "Melodrame in 4
aktn".  Ms. notebook. 62 pp. 9 1/4" x 7 1/2".

215.  Anshl Shor.  _Borg mir dayn vayb_ ['Loan Me Your Wife'] "Komedye
in 4 aktn".  Music by Rumshinski.  Copied by Moris Sideni [Morris
Sidney?].  Ms. notebook.  No pagination. 10" x 8".

216.  Anshl Shor.  _Di farshemte kale_ ['The Bashful Bride'].  "Lebns
bild in 4 aktn".  Ms. notebook. 95 pp.  [Opposite title page:  various
forms of signature of Khayim Toyber, includng romanized "Chaim Towber",
also Cyrillic; at top of title page:  "suflirt fun Beni Gitlits"].  Many
songs (mainly one side only, but verso ms. additions and corrections.
At end:  "ibergeshriben [ibergeshribn] fun suflior Herman Faynshteyn
August 30 1928" ['copied by prompter Herman Feinstein August 30, 1928'].
8" x 6 1/2".

217.  Anshl Shor.  _Der feter fun amerike_  ['The Uncle from America'].
"Komedye drame 4 aktn".  Ms. notebook.  9 3/4" x 7 1/2".  Plus attached
notebook 8" x 6 3/4".  "kopirt fun Heri Koplmen" [Copied on both sides
of page].  No pagination.

218.  Anshl Shor.  _Borg mir dayn vayb_, ['Loan Me Your Wife'] (second
copy).  Title page has signatures " L. Goldstein/Sufleur; J.
Belson/Sufflier; W. Fein".  At end:  signature of S. Hart? 72 pp.  + 3.
Ms. notebook. 9" x 7 1/2".

219.  Anshl Shor.  _Di tsubrokhene hertser_ [tsebrokhene].  ['The Broken
Hearts'].  "Melodrame in 4 aktn".  "kopirt fun Julius Schwartz".  Ms.
27, 23, 16, 9 pp. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

220.  A. Sharkanski [Sharkansky].  _Kol nidre, oder Die geheyme yuden in
madrid_ [... di yidn...] ['Kol Nidre, or the Secret Jews in Madrid'].
"Historishe tragedye in 4 aktn 7 bilder".  "Eygenthum [eygntum] fun
Adolph Lianski New York 12 November 1903".  Ms. notebook. 72 pp.  (both
sides of page). 8 1/2 x 6 3/4".

221.  A. Sharkanski.  _Emigrantn, oder Der bigamist_ ['Immigrants', or
'The Bigamist'].  Comedy in 4 acts 8 scenes".  Ms. notebook. 100 pp.
"Geshribn in Cony [sic] Island/ 19 August 1906 / Adolph Lianski".
['Written in Coney Island ....]. 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

222.  Moyshe Shor.  _Moyshele soldat_ ['Moyshe the Soldier'].  "Drame in
4 aktn un 7 bilder mit eyn prolog".  Ms. notebook.  No pagination. 8
1/4" x 6 3/4".

223.  Moyshe Shor.  _Der farbrekher_ ['The Criminal'].  "Drame in 4
aktn".  "adaptirt fun moyshe shor" [Adapted by Moyshe Shor'].  Ms.
notebook. 72 pp.  (one side only).  At end:  "kopirt far h' yozef
kesler/tsu zayn ershten abend dem 16ten [ershtn ovnt ...16tn] yanuar
1929/london pavilion teater, fun a. gradel" ['Copied by A. Gradel for
Yosef Kessler, for his first evening -- 16 January 1925 -- at the
Pavilion Theatre in London].  Clean copy. 9" x 6 3/4".

224.  Moyshe Shor.  _Der feter beril_ [berl] ['Uncle Berl'].  Comedy
drama in 3 acts.  Typescript. 59 pp.  (ms additions; some pages missing
at end). 11" x 8".

225.  Moyshe Shor.  _Der yakhsen_ ['The Aristocrat'].  "Komedye in 4
aktn mit gezang un tants".  "Muzik fun Perelmuter un Vohl".  Ms.
notebook. 110 pp.  At end:  "geshribn fun adolf lianski / nyu york 30
october 1911". 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

226.  Moyshe and Anshl Shor.  _A mensh zolste zayn_ [mentsh zolstu].
['Be A Person'].  Ms. notebook. 98 pp.  (from p. 86 on = songs).
"Eigentum von Adolf Liansky". 31 March 1909 New York Adolph Lianski. 8
1/4" x 6 3/4".

227.  Scribe / Moyshe Shor.  _Di hugenotten [hugenotn] oder Die
bluthokhtsayt fun pariz_ fun Scribe ['The Huguenots', or 'The Massacre
of St.  Bartholemew' by Scribe].  [adapted/arranged] by Moyshe Shor.
Signature of copyist:  "Max Kreshover/Jan 6 1918/Chicago Ill".  Ms.
notebook. 81 pp.  + scenarium in separate notebook of 13 pp. 8 1/4" x 6

228.  Meyer Shvarts.  _In di gasn fun nyu york_ ['In the Streets of New
York'].  "Melodrame in 4 aktn un 5 bilder".  ["naye bearbetung fun
_Kinder fun der ist sayd_" originel fun Meyer Shvarts".  Typescript. 71
pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

229.  Meyer Shvarts.  _In di gasn fun nyu york_ ['In the Streets of New
York'] (second copy).  Typescript. 86 pp.  At end:  signed "Meyer
Schwartz". 11" x 8 1/2".

230.  Meyer Shvarts.  _Der ershter shney, oder Ohn liebe_ [On libe]
['The First Snow, or Without Love'].  "drame in 4 aktn".  Title has
English "The First Snow /Drama in 4 acts/ By Meyer Schwartz".  Ms.
notebook (one side only). 61 pp. 10" x 8".

231.  Dr.  Shnitsler.  _Ver iz shuldig oder Die idishe madam X_
[...shuldik...di yidishe...] ['Who Is Guilty, or the Jewish Madame X'].
In four acts.  "iber geshriben [ibergeshribn] fun Moris Kortshmarov"
Montreal "far Mr. Hart" ['copied by Mr. Kortshmarov, Montreal, for Mr.
Hart'].  Ms. notebook.  Signed at end:  "M.  Kortchmaroff".  Songs at
the end give the name of H. Feinstein, 111 Norfolk St, NYC on a verso
page.  No pagination. 10" x 8 ".

232.  Pierre Berton and Charles Simon.  _Zaza_ ['Zaza'].  "idish fun
Mark Shvayd [Mark Schweid]" ['Yiddish by Mark Shweid'].  Bound ms. 135
pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

233.  N.B.  Shapiro.  _Di libe fun shir hashirim_ ['The Love of the Song
of Songs'].  "Drama in 4 aktn mit muzik".  English title:  _The Love of
the Song of Love_.  Bound ms. notebook (one side only). 97 pp.
Pencilled on title page:  "Sufliert by H. Landman". 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

234.  Shlifershteyn.  _Dora_ ['Dora'].  Pyese in 4 akten iberzetst fun
Shlifershteyn.  ['Play in four acts translated by Shliferstein'].
"Geschrieben von Isac Abramowitz gewesener Soufleur beim Juedischen
Theater fuer Herrn L. Haiman / Bucurest 20 Julie 1907".  ['Copied by
Isac Abramowitz, former prompter of the Jewish Theatre for Mr. L.
Haiman, Bucharest.....'].  At end signed by "I.  Abramowicz".  Ms.
notebook.  No pagination.. 8 x 6 1/2".

235.  Sharkanski.  _Rokhl degel makhene yehudo_ ['Rachel, Flag of the
Camp of Judah'].  "A lebnsbild in 4 aktn".  Property of Adolph Lianski.
At end:  "Geshriben 6 April 1905 New York" [by Adolph Lianski?  -- LP]".
Ms. notebook. 95 pp. 8 1/4" x 6 1/2".

236.  Shiler [Schiller] _Di rober_ ['The Robbers'].  Ms. notebook.  No
pagination.  "Copied by Sam Judin 50 Columbia N.Y.  January 26 1902". 8
1/4" x 6 1/2".

237.  Shekspir.  Vilyem [William Shakespeare].  _Hamlet_ "Iberzetst M.
Goldberg".  ['translated by M. Goldberg'].  Note signatures:  Wm Fein;
Dramatis Personae page has "Kesler" next to "Hamlet".  Note on verso of
same page the signatures of prompters Mischa Elman, S. Winkler, Jassy
19/1/24 and (in Yiddish) on p.2 "Shloyme-Dov Vinkler"; Max Kreshover; Wm
. Fein; on last page, William Fein, Max Kreshover, H. Kaufman, Mischa
Elman.  Typescript. 70 pp.  (with ms. additions and corrections). 11" x
8 1/2".

238.  Shaykevitsh/Shomer, N.M.  _Der ger tsedek_ ['The Righteous
Convert'].  Unbound ms. notebook (no covers).  No pagination.  A loose
page inserted. 8" x 6 1/2".

239.  Shaykevitsh/Shomer, N.M.  _Homen der tsveyter, oder Der komisher
gazlen_ ['Haman the Second, or the Comic Robber'].  "Operete in 5 akten
un 11 bilder" [...aktn].  Ms. notebook. 109 + 2 pp.  Copied by Adolph
Lianski the 26 June 1900. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

240.  Shaykevitsh/Shomer, N.M.  _Madam eks_ ['Madame X'].  Ms. notebook.
No pagination.  Copied by Maks Shvarts Forsyth St.  Note name on title
page:  "von Aaron Passa". 8 1/4" x 7".  Prager 1990, 429 and Z 1:391
attribute play to Alexandre Bison and translation to Gastvirt.  This may
be another _Madame X_.  Subject needs review.

241.  Avrom Shomer [Shomer].  _Stayl_ ['Style'] [attached note gives _Der
zun / Stayl_] Ms. notebook.  Written by Adolph Lianski 18 April 1913.
Very clean work. 10" x 8".

242.  _A gan eydn far tsvey_ ['Paradise for Two'].  Liriks fun _a gan
eyden far tsvey_ ['Lyrics from _Paradise for Two_'].  Ms notebook.  No
pagination.  Outside cover:  "Dos bikhel belangt tsu yozef kesler" ['The
booklet belongs to Yosef Kessler'.] Prager 1990, p. 263:  by Yoysef
Latayner and Vilyem Sigel; lyrics by Jacobs; music by Olshanetski. 8" x
6 1/2".

243.  Izidor Zolotarevski.  _Geld liebe und shande_ [Gelt, libe un ...].
['Money, Love and Disrepute''].  "lebens bild in 4 akten" (a second
copy).  Ms. notebook. 86 pp.  Property of Adolph Lianski.  Name of Wm.
Fein on title page in pencil.  On verso:  "McKinley Theater 1925 with
Joseph Kessler".  "Written by Adolph Lianski New York Dec 25 1911". 8
1/4" x 6 3/4".
Manuscript Collection No. 499.  Box 18.  [#244-#253].

[244] Nokhem Rakov.  _Der kales kholem_ ['The Bride's Dream'].  In four
acts.  Copied by Julius Schwartz, 456 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY.  Ms.
notebook.  No pagination. 8" x 10".

[245] Zolotarevski, Isidor.  _Ver iz shuldig_ [shuldik] ['Who Is
Guilty?'].  "drame in 4 akten" [aktn]'.  Copied by Julius Schwartz.  Ms.
notebook.  No pagination.  A separate scenarium, 6 pp. 9 1/2" x 7 1/4".

[246] Z. Libin.  _Kinder fargesn nit_ ['Children Don't Forget'].
"Lebnsbild in 4 aktn".  Ms notebook. 97 pp.  (one side only).  On last
page:  "suflirt in februar 1933 funm sufler Ikl [Yekhiel -- LP]
Shraybman Bucarest Romenye" ['prompted in February 1933 by the prompter
Ikl Shreibman Bucharest, Romania']. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

[247] H. Zalmanovitsh.  _Die tsvey kales_ [di...] ['The Two Brides'].
In four acts.  Copied by Julius Schwartz.  Ms. notebook. 23, 15, 15, 3
pp.  + 3 loose sheets. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

[248] Yoysef Latayner.  _Di goldene medine_ ['The Golden State'].  On
title page:  Property of Adolf Lianski, written Boston, Mass. 14
February 1907 by Adolf Lianski.  Ms. notebook. 108 pp.  + 2 loose pp. 8
1/4" x 7".

[249] N.M.  Shaykevitsh/Shomer.  _Di kokete damen_ ['The Coquettish Ladies'].
"komedye in 5 akt" . Unbound ms. notebook. 125 pp. 8 1/4" x 7".

[250] N.M.  Shaykevitsh.  _Der bal-tshuve_ ['The Penitent'].  Ms.
notebook. 104 pp.  Stamp of Jacob Zeiger/Saufleur.  At end:  "rewritten
in the Hebrew Actors Club".  Dated New York 24 March 1909 and in pencil:
"Zeiger Saufleur Czernowitz".  Role of Refuel in play _Der bal-tshuve_.
Unbound ms. notebook marked "for Mr. H.I.  Ginsberg".  Also roles of
Rozolye and of Khezkl. 8 1/4" x 7".

[251] Anshl Shor.  _Yizker_ [yisker'].  "muzikalishe drame".  Ms.
notebook. 79 pp.  [Note mailing label from Biderman's Book Store, 175
Second Ave, New York 3, NY to HUC dated 10/10/56]. 8 1/4" x 7".  (Cf.
play # 0).

[252] Yankev Vaksman.  _Di primadona , oder Ihr Benifis_ [ir].  ['The
Prima Donna, or Her Benefice'].  "Fars operete in 3 akten" [... aktn].
"Muzik fun Kumak".  Unbound ms. notebook.  No pagination.  Last page
half torn.  A note signed by Vaksman:  "Di operete iz geshpilt gevorn in
varshe in 'Tsentra' teater unter dem nomen 'Ihr benefis'" ['The operetta
was performed in Warsaw in the Centra Theatre under the title _Her
Benefice_'].  . 8 1/4" x 7".

[253] Maks Gebel [Max Gable].  _A meydl on a harts_ ['A Heartless Girl']
or _Tsvey shvester_ ['Two Sisters'].  Ms. notebook.  Personae page gives
Sonshteyn as prompter.  Copied by L. Kanner Oct 17 1916 Brooklyn, NY.
Chaotic and messy script. 10" x 8".
BOX 19:  Items 1 - 12

Box 19, Item 1:1-4

Item 1:  Large bound ms. volume containing texts of four plays.
Decorative penmanship on title pages and on the front of the series.
Author(s)? 10 1/2" x 8 3/4".

1) Y.-D.  Berkovitsh.  [I.D.Berkowitz] _Untern tseylem_ ['Under the
Cross'].  "Drama in dray akten".  "Baarbet loyt di rezhi fun M. Elkin
fun Z.R."  ['Revised according to the direction of M. Elkin by Z.R.] No
pagination.  Very clean work.

2) Yankev Gordin.  _Tsvey veltn_ ['Two Worlds'].  "Komedi-drama in fier
akten" [fir aktn].  Clean work.

3) Adolph Stoltze/Yankev Gordin.  _Eygenem blut_ ['One's Own Blood'].
"Antnumen fun adolf shtoltse's _Di shuld fun di unshuldige_ baarbayt far
der idisher bihne fun Yankev Gordin" ['Borrowed from Adolf Stoltze's
_The Guilt of the Guiltless_ and adapted for the Yiddish stage by Jacob
Gordin'].  No pagination.

4) Mark Arnshteyn [Mark Arnstein] , _Noyme_ ['Naomi'].  "a drama in dray
akten".  No pagination.
Item 2:  1-2

Item 2:  Loose-bound ms.  Name of S. Rothenberg/286 Schley St./Newark,
N.J stamped on cover and throughout.  Owner or copyist?  Name stamp at
end suggests copyist. 10 1/2" x 8 1/2".

1) Osip Dimov.  _Shma Yisroel_ ['Hear O Israel'].  "drama in dray akten
[aktn] .... baarbet loyt rezhi fun boris tomashevski" ['drama in three
acts revised according to the direction of Boris Tomashevski']. 16, 21,
21 pp.

2) H. Kalmanovitsh.  _Der shpigel fun leben_ [shpigl...lebn] ['The
Mirror of Life'].  "Melodrama in fier akten mit a prolog un epilog".
[melodrame...fir aktn...].  "Di pyese iz tsu ershte mol geshpilt gevorn
fun groysen kinstler Dovid Kesler" [...groysn...].  ['The play was first
performed by the great artist David Kessler'.] 6,28,22,27,15 pp.

Item 3:1-2

Item 3:  Loose bd. ms. 10 1/2"  x  8 1/2".

1) Goldfadn, Avrom.  _Bankir-tiran, oder Der farkoyfter shlof_
['Banker-Tyrant', or 'The Sold Sleep'].  "A drama in dray akten"
[...aktn].  No pagination.

2) Goldfadn, Avrom.  _Di intrige, oder Dvosye di pliotke-makherin_ ['The
Intrigue, or Dvosye the Slander-Monger'].  "Realistishe drame in 5
akten".  [... aktn].  No pagination.  Same hand as Items 1 and 2 of Box

Item 4:  Rudolf Marks.  _Khayim in Amerike, oder Der bank royber_ ['Haim
in America', or 'The Bank-Robber'].  "Melodrame in 4 akten mit gezang"
[...aktn...].  Ms. notebook.  At end:  "kopirt fun artist Abramof /
redagirt fun Nathan Dolinski / geshpilt mit groys sukses" ['copied by
artist Abramov / edited by Nathan Dolinski / played with great
success'].  Title also given in pencil as:  _Der banken royber -- Khayim
in amerika_.  No pagination. 8 1/4" x 6 1/2".
Item 5:  Goldfadn, Avrom [Abraham Goldfaden].  _Di intrige, oder Dvosye
di pliotke-makherin_ ['The Intrigue', or 'Dvosye the Slander-Monger'].
At end:  "ibergeshriben fun Perlberg den 3ten oygust 1894 in London"
[last two words written in English] ['copied by Perlberg the third of
August 1894 in London'].  Ms. notebook (second copy). 41 pp.  [In this
notebook, a copyist had started to copy "Der nihilist, oder Der
heldisher soldat; komisher vodevil in eyn akt" {'The Nihilist, or the
Heroic Soldier, Comic Vaudeville in One Act').  He got no further than
listing a few characters -- the page has a diagonal line across it,
which may have been made at a later date.] 8" x 6 1/4.
Item 6:  P./F.  Halperin.  _Tfiles_ ['Prayers'].  "dramatishe legende in
dray bilder".  'geshpilt gevorn ...shabes ovent dem 3tn april 1926, fun
di Literarish-dramatishe sektsye fun der Arbeter yugent kultur grupe
in'm newarker ukraynyen teater... rezhi:  avrom pravatiner"
[..ovnt...yugnt...] ['performed on Saturday night the third of April
1926 by the Literary-Dramatic Section of the Young Workers' Cultural
Group in the Newark Ukrainian Theatre... directed by Abraham
Pravatiner'].  There are four characters in this play, one a magid; the
time is that of Casimir the Great in Poland. 8 3/4" x 5 1/2".
Item 7:  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Zise khaloymes_ ['Sweet Dreams'].  "A
drama in 4 akten" [aktn].  Bound ms. notebook.  Opposite Damatic
Personae page "Dize pyese iz spetsiel ibergeshriben (kopirt) gevoren far
herr" ['This play is specially copied for Mr.'] but the rest is crossed
out and pasted over.  However, it is possible to see the date, which is
"Sept. 1920", and what looks like "New Jersey".  A note in the script
claims that this play was never printed.  No pagination. 9 1/2" x 6
Item 8:  Leon Kobrin.  _Di idishe geto_ [...yidishe...] ['The Jewish
Ghetto'].  "drama in fir akten" [...aktn] Ms. notebook.  Pasted into
notebook at end is a photo of Eduard Bernstein, 1850-1932 and the "P.S."
Dovid Kesler, e"h, played the role of Avrom; Berta Kalish played the
role of Eni [Annie]; Mogalescu, e"h played the role of Moti-Bass . A
photo of Kobrin is pasted on front page opposite inside cover.  No
pagination. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".  [e"h = May he rest in peace].
Item 9:  [Rakov, Nokhem] (Author not given).  _Der griner tate, oder
Ameritshke ganef_ ['The Green Father', or 'American Scoundrel'].
"komedi drama in 3 akten" [...aktn].  Title page is lacking but we have
bill from the Ukrainian Theater in New York where play was performed on
30 May 1924.  Ms. notebook.  No pagination. 8" x 6 3/4".  Acted in by
Abramof [Abramov]?
Item 10:  Gotesfeld, Khone.  _Parnose_ ['Livelihood'] "a komedye in dray
aktn".  Produced by "Di artef shpiler" in Newark on 15 January 1939, as
shown by program pasted into front inside cover.  Ms. notebook. 24,32,22
pp.  Copied by Shazrag in February 1939. 10" x 7 1/2"
Item 11:  Libin, Z. _Dos harts fun a froy_ ['The Heart of a Woman'].
Drama in five acts.  Two ms. notebooks.  No pagination.  Second notebook
has Acts 4-5.  Following script there is a page of Dramatis Personae
giving names of actors in this production, including Molly Picon as
Sasha and at bottom we have "baarbet fun Har-Adom [Rotberg?]. 10" x 7
Item 12:  Anski, Sh.  _Der dibek_ ['The Dybbuk'].  Baarbet fun Z.R.
Rezhi fun Moris Shvarts.  No pagination. 9 3/4" x 7 1/2".

Dimov, Osip.  _Der eybiker vanderer_ ['The Eternal Wanderer'].  "simbol
drama in 3 akten mit a prolog" [...aktn].  Ms. notebook. 80 pp.  A white
on black photographed copy. 8" x 6 1/2".

Gebel, Maks [Max Gable].  _Dem prezidents tokhter_ ['The President's
Daughter'].  "komedye drama in 4 akten" [...aktn].  Two ms. notebooks.
"kopirt fun A. Rozenthal". 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

Kobrin, Leon.  _Der ferloyener gan eydn_ [farloyrener gan-eydn].  ['The
Lost Paradise'].  "a drama in 4 akten" [...aktn].  Ms. notebook.  At
end: "geendigt dem 3tn yanuar 1918". 8" x 6 1/2".

Latayner, Yoysef.  _Mayn vaybs fraynd, oder Yente di royte_ ['My Wife's
Friend', or 'Red Yenta'].  "A komedye in 4 akten" [...aktn].  Ms.
notebook + insert of another notebook.  Pagination confused.
Incomplete? 8 1/2" x 6 1/2".

Ash, Sholem [Sholem Asch].  _Uncle Moses_.  English title page:  "Louis
Weiss/ Presents/ Maurice Schwartz /in "Uncle Moses"/ with Rubin Goldberg
and Judith Abarbanell / story by /Sholom Asch/ Produced and Distributed
by Yiddish Talking Pictures Inc./ Copyright 1932 / Passed by National
Board of Review".  Yiddish title page has "Dialogue by Maurice Schwartz.
Recorded at Metropolitan Studios, Fort Lee, N.J."  [a Marc S. Asch was
one of the recording engineers -- which brings to mind Mo Asch of Folkways
Records.] Typescript.  Yiddish dialogue is 39 legal-size typed pages.  Cast
included Maurice Schwartz, Zvee Scooler, Mark Schweid, Jacob Mestel,
Wolf Goldfadden.  Dated 19/4/1932. 14" x 8 3/4".

Notarization after English translation reads:

"The undersigned, Samuel Lesselbaum, being duly sworn, says that the
foregoing is a true translation from Yiddish to English of the spoken
subtitles in dialogue in the picture entitled "UNCLE MOSES".  /sworn to
me before this 19 day of April 1932."

Ms. coll.  No. 459 (Herman Gold collection).

Ms. notebook with 2 plays:

1) Auguste Strindberg.  _Der foter_ ['The Father'].  Translated by Avrom
Taytlboym [A.  Teitelbaum]. 86 pp.  Copied by M. Loznik. 8" x 6 3/4".

2) [Kalman, Emmerich].  _Di tshardatsh firstin_ [...firshtin] ['The
Csardas Princess'/'The Gypsy Princess'].  Operetta in three acts.
Translated by Vaksman.  Music by Kalman Emmerich.  Ms. notebook.  Front
page verso has a schematic sketch of a theatre.  No pagination.
Different copyist from above.  See Z 1:659. 8" x 6 1/4".
Author?  Title?  Ms. notebook.  Operetta in 3 acts.  [First act
virtually illegible.] Music by Aladar Reni?  Yiddish translation by ? 8"
x 6 3/4".

Rakov, Nokhem.  _Khantshe in amerike_ ['Hantshe in America'] . Operetta
in four acts.  Copied by Gary Fishnov.  Unbound ms. 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

Rakov, Nokhem.  _Khaloymes fun liebe_ [libe].  ['Dreams of Love'].  Also
known as _Hot khasene_ ['Get Married'].  "komedye mit gezang in 3 akten"
[...aktn].  Ms. notebook 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

Zolotarevski, Isidor.  _Di vayse shklavin_ ['The White Slave']. "drame
in 4 aktn".  Ms. notebook.  Apparently complete but text is in poor
condition. 8" x 6 1/2".
1 ) Glikman, Khayim.  _Yidisher deklamator_ ['Yiddish Recitations'].
Ms. notebook. 8" x 6 1/4".

2) Recitable popular verse.  Bound ms. notebook. 9" x 4 1/2".
Kalmanovitsh, [Heri ?] ]. _Upton un donton_ ['Uptown and Downtown'].
Operetta in four acts.  Two ms. notebooks. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

Kalmanovitsh, [Heri?].  _Der golum_ [gimel,lamed,vov, mem -- misspelled?
 ... goylem?]  ['The Concealed'].  Ms. notebook. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

Y. Nozhik.  _Malkele soldat_ ['Malkele the Soldier'].  Operetta in four
acts.  Copied by H. Glikman.  No pagination.   [Nozhin
corrected to Nozhik -- LP.]   8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

Gold, Adolf.  _Der ershter teater menedzher fun unmoralishe tekhter_
['The First Theatre Manager of Immoral Daughters'].  Two ms. notebooks.
8 1/4" x 6 1/2" and 8" x 6 1/2".  Incomplete?  .

Libin, Z. _Di gerekhtikeyt_  ['Justice'].  A drama in four acts.
Copied in Shpole, Kiev region by G. Rysennof  Dec. 1908 . Copyist writes
on title page:  "kopirt far dem Kh. Glikman -- Shpole Kiever Gub."
['copied for Kh[ayim] Glikman -- Shpola, Kiev Region'].

Author?  _Di meshumedes_  ['The Apostate'].  Drama.  Ms. notebook.  No
pagination. 8" x 6 1/4".

Author?  _Di shvartse khupe_ ['The Black Wedding'].  Ms. notebook.  Acts
3 and 4.  8" x 6 1/2".

Vaksman, Yankev.  _Di shehne berta_ [sheyne berte] . ['Beautiful
Bertha'] Operetta in three acts.  Ms. notebook.  No pagination.  Title
page has "kopirt farn Kh. Glikman Zvenigorotske, Kiev Gub. dem 5tn
Dec.1908" ['copied for Kh. Glikman, Zvenigorotske, Kiev
Region, 5 December 1908']. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".  (Cf. play #1 with same title.--LP)

Ms. notebook containing the role of Meri in _Khayim in amerike_ ['Haim
in America'].

Ms. notebook containing the of role of Yadviga (in same play)?

Another such role ms.

Y. Mandelblat.  _Di fershlepte krenk, oder Mr Dudik_  ['The Lingering
Illness, or Mr. Dudik'].  "A vodevil in eyn akt".  Unbound ms., loose
sheets, ca. 8 pp.

Proofs of _Meta-sotsyolofye oder sotsyal-metafizik_ ['Meta-socio-philosophy or

Avrom-Dovid Zaks [Abraham David Sachs].  _Mekhires-yoysef_ ('The Sale of
Joseph'), 1885, Ms. ca. 72 pp.  No pagination.

                        *  *  *

                   LIST OF PLAY TITLES

_20 yohr prizen_ [..yor tfise]
_A gast fun yener velt_ (= _Dine_)
_A heym far a mame_
_A kale tsu farkoyfn_
_A kales nekome_
_A mame fun yener velt_
_A mames opfer_
_A mensh zolstu zayn_
_A meydl on a harts_
_A nakht in gan eydn_ (= _Der yidisher vitse kenig_)
_A nakht in kontri_
_A sheyner kholem_
_A shpil in libe_
_A yor nokh der khasene_
_Af dem mazbeyekh fun shande_
_Afn glaykhn veg_
_Alexander der Kronprintz von Jerusalem_
_Aleyn in der velt_
_Ameritshke ganef_  (= _Der griner tate_)
_Bankir-tiran_, oder _Der farkoyfter shlof_
_Ben haDor_
_Berele kozak_
_Bertshik fun byalistok_
_Blimele_, oder _Graf und Yude_ [...yid]
_Blinde libe_
_Borekh Koval_
_Borg mir dayn vayb_
_Bruder gegn bruder_
_Dem arbayters rakhe_ [...arbeters (nekome)]
_Dem farmers tokhter_
_Dem foters klole_
_Dem kenigs kholem_
_Dem khazns tokhter_
_Dem prezidents tokhter_
_Dem rebns gelibte_
_Dem shnayders tokhter_
_Dem tatns khasene_
_Der bal-tshuve_
_Der bank royber_ (=_Khayim in Amerike_)
_Der blinder muzikant_
_Der blut test_
_Der dibek_
_Der dokter_
_Der ershter shney_, oder _Ohn liebe_ [...on libe]
_Der ershter teater menedzher fun unmoralishe tekhter_
_Der eybiker nign_
_Der eybiker vanderer_
_Der eyntsiger eydes_ [...eyntsiker...]
_Der falsher shrit_
_Der farbrekher_
_Der farkoyfter shlof_ (= _Bankir-tiran_)
_Der farloyrener gan-eydn_
_Der ferhayreter bokher_
_Der feter beril_ [...berl]
_Der feter fun amerike_
_Der folks-zinger_
_Der foter_
_Der fremder_
_Der gazlen_
_Der ger tsedek_
_Der golum_
_Der got fun rakhmones_
_Der griner melamed_
_Der griner rebe_
_Der griner tate_, oder _Ameritshke ganef_
_Der groyser nes_
_Der hefker yung_
_Der heldisher soldat_ (= _Der nihilist_)
_Der iberiger mensh_ [...iberiker mentsh]
_Der kales kholem_
_Der kesel garden_
_Der komisher gazlen_ (= _Homen der tsveyter_)
_Der konvikt_ (= _Dos traye kind_)
_Der meksikaner_
_Der menshenfraynd_ [...mentshnfraynd]
_Der nakht dieb_ (= _Khayim in amerika_) [...(ganef)]
_Der nihilist_, oder _Der heldisher soldat_
_Der poylisher rebe_
_Der prayz fun libe_
_Der rebe_
_Der ruf tsum lebn._
_Der rusisher yid_
_Der shpigel fun leben_ [... shpigl...lebn]
_Der shtern fun Yankev_ (= Henele_)
_Der shtumer_, oder _Lebedik bagrubn_
_Der troymer_
_Der veg tsu libe_
_Der vilder mensh_
_Der vos hot zikh farkoyft_
_Der yakhsen_ [...yakhsn]
_Der yid un zayn shoten_ [...shotn]
_Der yidisher vitse kenig_, oder _A nakht in gan eydn_
_Der yud in rumenye_
_Di almone_
_Di blinde mame_
_Di ershte libe_
_Di farshemte kale_
_Di fershlepte krenk_, oder _Mr Dudik_
_Di gasen zinger_ [...gasn...]
_Di gebrokhene hertser_
_Di geferlekhe yohren_ [...yorn]
_Di gerekhtikeyt_
_Di geto fun nev york_
_Di getoyfte iden_ [...yidn]
_Di goldene medine_
_Di Grehfin_ [...grafinye]
_Di grinhorns_
_Di hugenoten_ oder _Di bluthokhtsayt fun pariz_  [...hugenotn...]
_Di idishe geto_
_Di intrige_, oder _Dvosye di pliotke-makherin_
_Di kale fun yurop_
_Di kenigen fun der luft_ [...kinigin...]
_Di kleyne ganevte_
_Di kroyn fun libe_
_Di letste gelibte_
_Di letste shtunde_
_Di libe fun shir hashirim_
_Di meshumedes_
_Di primadona_, oder _Ihr benifis_
_Di rober_
_Di seyder nakht_
_Di shehne berta_ [sheyne berte]
_Di shtif mame_
_Di shuld fun di unshuldige_ [...umshuldike]
_Di shvartse khupe_
_Di tentsern_
_Di tshardatsh firstn_  [...firshtn]
_Di tsebrokhene hertser_
_Di tsvey farsheydene shvester_
_Di tsvey mekhutonim_ (= _Vi a man libt_)
_Di tsveyte libe_
_Di vayse shklafen_ [...shklafn]
_Di yidishe kehnigin_ [...kinigin]
_Di yidishe velt_
_Di yidn in moroko_
_Die 2 yesoymim_ (= _Geheymenise fun london_) [Di...]
_Die bluthokhtsayt fun pariz_ (= _Di hugenotten_) [Di ...hugenotn]
_Die farblonzete neshome_ [di farblonzhete...]
_Die geheyme yuden in madrid_ (= Kol nidre) [di ...yidn]
_Die hant mitn hamer_ [di...]
_Die idishe madam X_ (= _Ver iz shuldig_)  [ Di yidishe...shuldik]
_Die moderne froy_ [di...]
_Die Reise nach America_ oder _Miscke un Moscike_ [Di rayze nokh Amerike...]
_Die rikhtike froy_ (= _Moyshe der griner_) [di...]
_Die tsvey kales_
_Dine_, oder _A gast fun yener velt_
_Dos dorfs meydl_
_Dos emese glik_
_Dos farblonzhete shefele_
_Dos harts fun a froy_
_Dos harts fun a gengster_
_Dos importirte vaybl_
_Dos leben in nev york_ [...lebn...]
_Dos meydl fun der kvote_
_Dos shenste meydl_
_Dos traye kind_, oder _Der konvikt_
_Dovids fidele_
_Dray tekhter_ (= Ir falsher kheshbm_)
_Dvosye di pliotke-makherin_ (= _Di intrige_)
_Eltern un kinder_
_Emigrantn_, oder _Der bigamist_
_Endzhl feys_ [Angel Face]
_Eygenem blut_
_Eyvige liebe_ [eybike libe]
_Farbotene fargenigns_
_Farbotene skhoyre_
_Fargiftete blutn_
_Farkoyft in okshen_
_Faybish darf a vayb_
_Fayfke shlof_
_Gedalye Marvikher_
_Geganvete libe_
_Geheymenise fun london_, oder _Die 2 yesoymim_ [di...]
_Geld liebe und shande_ [...libe...]
_Gengster liebe_ [...libe]
_Getlikhe liebe_ [...libe]
_Goles rumenyen_
_Got fun gerekhtikayt_
_Gotts matone_ [gots...]
_Gott's shtrof_ [gots...]
_Graf und Yude_ (= _ Blimele_) [...yid]
_Hadasa_ [hadase]
_Hayntige froyen_  [hayntike...]
_Hello mama_ [helo mame]
_Henele_, oder _Der shtern fun Yankev_
_Hershende shklafen_ [hershnde shklafn]
_Hertser in treren_  [...trern]
_Hertser tsu farkoyfn_
_Hinter farshlosene tihren_ [...tirn]
_Homen der tsveyter_, oder _Der komisher gazlen_
_Hot khasene_ (= _Khaloymes fun liebe_) [libe]
_Iden blayben iden_ [yidn blaybn yidn]
_Idishe fir hundert_  [yidishe...]
_Ihr benifis_ (= _Di primadona_) [ir...]
_In di gasn fun nyu york_ (= _Kinder fun der ist sayd_)
_Ir falsher kheshbm_ (= _Dray tekhter_)
_Ir fargangenhayt_
_Ir tsveyte libe_
_Ir vide_
_Keytn fun libe_
_Khaloymes fun liebe_ oder _Hot khasene_ [libe]
_Khayim in amerika_, oder _Der nakht dieb_
_Khayim in amerike_, oder _Der bank royber_
_Khosn-kale mazl-tov_
_Kinder batsohlen_ [...batsoln]
_Kinder fargesn nit_
_Kinder fun der ist sayd_ (= _In di gasn fun nyu york_)
_Kinder kumt aheym_
_Kinder on a heym_
_Kokete dame_
_Kol nidre_, oder _Die geheyme yuden in madrid_ [di...yidn]
_Lebedige yesoymim_ [lebedike...]
_Lebedik bagrubn_ (= _Der shtumer_)
_Leybele tentser_
_Libe fun himel_ [...himl]
 _M'dertsit a man_  (= _Vi men ertsiht a man_)
_Madam eks_
_Malkele soldat_
_Mayn meydeles khasene_
_Mayn vaybs fraynd_, oder _Yente di royte_
_Mazl tov dir, tate_
_Mazl-tov idelekh_ [...yidelekh]
_Mensh, malekh un tayfel_  [mentsh... tayvl]
_Meta-sotsyolofye oder sotsyal-metafizik_
_Miscke un Moscike_(=_Die Reise nach America_) [...Mishke ... Moshke]
_Monte Cristo_
_Moyshe der griner_, oder _Die rikhtike froy_ [Di...]
_Moyshele soldat_
_Mr Dudik_  (= _Di fershlepte krenk_)
_Muter herts_
_Nakht foygel_ [...foygl]
_Nyu york fartog_
_Nyu york nokh halber nakht_
_Onkel Mozes_ [Uncle Moses]
_Perele dem shusters tokhter_
_Prints Yisroel_
_Reyn fun blut_
_Rokhl degel makhene yehudo_
_Rozes ershte libe_
_Sha sha der rebe geht_
_Shekspir der tsveyter_
_Shlekhte khaveyrim_
_Shloyme khokhem_
_Shma Yisroel_
_Sholem-aleykhem mekhutn_
_Shtile layden_ [...laydn]
_Soydes fun leben_  [...lebn]
_Soydes fun libe_
_Tsurik in vald_
_Tsurik tsu zayn folk_
_Tsvey shvester_
_Tsvey veltn_
_Uncle Moses_
_Untern tseylem_
_Upton un donton_
_Ver iz shuldig_ oder _Die idishe madam X_ [... shuldik... Di yidishe...]
_Ver iz ver_
_Vi a man libt_, oder _Di tsvey mekhutonim_
_Vi men ertsiht a man_ [...dertsit...] (= _M'dertsit a man_)
_Yeder froys ferlang_ [...farlang]
_Yudis und olifernis_
_Yente di royte_  (= _Mayn vaybs fraynd_)
_Yente in amerike_
_Yizker_ [Yisker]
_Yom hakhupe_
_Yoysef mit zayne brider_
_Yugend fehler_ [yugnt feler]
_Zay erlikh_ [...erlekh]
_Zayn farshpilte velt_
_Zise khaloymes_

                   Preliminary  LIST OF PERSONS

(Playwrights, Translators, Composers, Librettists, Copyists, Ms. Owners,

Abramov.  Actor; copyist. [for Adolf Abramov, see Z 1:3-4].
Abramovitsh, Izak (Isaac Abramowitz). Copyist,prompter,playwright.Z1:4.
Abramovitsh, Maks. Actor, composer.  Z 1:6-7,
Adler, Yulyus.  Z 1:11-13.  Principally an actor; wrote on theatre.
Alexander, A.D. Copyist.
Anski, Sh.   NL; Z 1:71-79.
Arka, A.   Actor?; copyist (New York).  [for Isak Arka see Z1: 103].
Arnshteyn, Mark [Mark Arnstein].  NL.  Z 1:98-102.
Ash, Sholem [Sholem Asch].  NL. Z1:105-111.
Bedell, B.  Copyist.
Belson, J.  Prompter.
Ben-Menakhem. [pseud?. Moyshe Nestor?. see Z 2:1428-9]
Berkovitsh, Y.-D.  NL; Z1:210-212.
Bernyes, Rudolf.? Playwright.
Berton, Pierre. Playwright.
Beygelman, Dovid.  Composer.
Blum, Avrom.  (Abraham Bloom/Blum)  Z1:174-176.
Brodi.   Z1:240-1 has Broydi, Yoysef.
Burshtin, Moyshe. Copyist.
Dikshteyn, Shloyme (Sol Dickstein).  Copyist
Dimov, Osip.  (ne Yoysef Perlman).  EJ.  Z 1:557-562.
Dolinski, Nathan. Script editor.
Dumas, Alexandre,  pere. Dramatist, writer.
Dzheykobson, Dzheykob [Jacob Jacobson].  Z1:551,2:151.
E., Sh.
Edelhaym, Menakhem.   Copyist.
Edelhayt [see Z2:1543-4].
Elkin, M. Director.
Elman, Mischa. (ne Moris Hilman). Prompter; theatre manager. Z2:1570-1.
Epshteyn, L. (= Hilel-Leyb Epshteyn).  Prager 1990, p. 219-220.
Epshteyn ?
Erber, Julius   Prompter.
Fayn, Vilyem (William Fein)  Prompter.  McKinley Square Theater.
Faynman, Zigmund.  Z 4:2544-2560,6:5165-5172.
Faynshteyn, Haymen (Herman Feinstein)  Prompter; copyist.
Feld, Yitskhok. Ms. Owner.
Fidelman. Prompter.
Fishnov, Gary.   Copyist.
Fishzon, Mishe.   Ms. Owner.
Fogelman, Sem (Sam Fogelman)
Frekel, B. Copyist.  Frenkel?
Frenk, Jacob. Ms. Owner.  Copyist?
Frenkel, Yitskhok.  Ms. owner.
Freyman, Luis [Louis Freiman]   Z 4:3269-3282.
Fridman, Yitskhok [Isaac Freedman].   Prager 1990, p. 252.
Fridzel, Luis [Louis Friedsell].  Composer.  Z 2146-2150.
Gastvirt. Henri (Henry Gastwirt)  Z1: 391.
Gebil, Maks [Max Gable].  Z 1:490-495.
Ginsberg, H.I. Ms. owner?
Gitlits, Beni (Benny Gitlitz).  Copyist.  Also  a prompter.
Glikman, Khayim.  Copyist.
Gold, A.
Gold, Herman  (Hilel Gorani), Z 1:261.  1888-19xx.   R1:470-2.
Gold, Z.
Goldberg, M.   Translator.  Prager 1990, p. 281.   Z 1:267-278.
Goldberg, Mikhl.   Prager 1990, p. 281.  Z1:267-8.
Goldblum, Arn. Copyist.
Goldfadn, Avrom [Abraham Goldfden].   Z 1:318-9.
Goldfadn, Volf  [Wolf Goldfadden].  Actor.
Goldshteyn, L.  (L. Goldstein)   Prompter.
Gordin, Yankev [Jacob Gordin].  Z1:392-461.
Gotesfeld, Khone.    Z1:258-259.
Gradel, A.    Copyist. 1929 London.
Grinberg. H. [Gruenberg].  Prompter.
Haiman, L. Ms. owner.
Halperin, P. or F
Har-Adom*. [pseud. of Rotberg?]  Copyist?
Herman, L.  Ms. owner.
Herman, M.  Prompter. Montreal.
Hofenberg, H.
Horvits, Moyshe ("Professor" Hor(o)vits)  Prager 1990, p. 320.
Indzh, B. ? [See Sinclair Lewis].
Jacobs,  Jacob.
Jacobson, Jacob [= Dzheykob Dzheykobson].
Judin, Sam.   Copyist
Kalman, Emmerich.  Composer.
Kalmanovitsh, H.    Z 4:3691-3704.
Kanner, L. Copyist.
Kesler, Yozef .  Actor, director. Ms. Owner.
Kobrin, Leon.   Z 4:2962-3044.
Kohn, Adolf.
Kohn, Samuel H.???? is this Shmuel L. Kohn  [Prager 1990, p. 377]
Konrad, Moris.
Koplmen, Heri. Copyist.
Kornblit, Zishe.   Z 4:2474-2482.
Kortshmarov, Moris.
Kotshar, T.    Copyist.
Koyfman, Heri  (Harry Kaufman). Prompter.
Kraytsberg, Boyrtah  (Mrs. Bertha Kreitsberg).   Copyist.
Kremer, Dave. Copyist.
Kreshover, Maks  Copyist
Krohm, Tsvi-Hersh. Translator.  [Prager 1990, p. 386].
Krokhmalnik, Herman.
Kupershteyn, Khayim.
Landman, Heri (Harry Landman)  Prompter. Z 2: 1000-1.
Laskovski, Filip.  Librettist.  Z 2:1004.
Latayner, Yoysef [Joseph Lateiner].  Z 1:782, 2:1209.
Lesh, Yitskhok.    Z 2;1172-77.
Lev, Vilyam (William Lew).  Prompter.
Levin, A. ???  [Apparently not Avrom Levin Z2: 1142].
Levin, Heri (Hershl)  Prompter.  Z  2:1143-4.
Lewis, Sinclair. Writer.
Lianski, Adolph.  Copyist.  Ms. Owner.
Libin, Z.   Z2 :823, 1026-1038.
Liebowitz, Cz.    Copyist.
Lilyen, Izidor.   Z 2:1079-1084.
Lipson, Klara, = Paulina Kobrin, Leon K's wife. See Prager 1990, p. 453.
Littman, A.  Ms. owner.
Loznik, M.   Copyist.
Malekh, L. (Leybl Zaltsman)   Z2:1333-
Mandelblat, Y.  Playwright. [for Yankev Mandelblit, see Z 2:1219-1220]
Manger, Itsik.    NL. Z.
Markovitsh, Moris. Copyist. [very likely = Moyshe M.; see Z2:1267].
Markowitz. Composer.
Marks, Rudolf.   Actor. Z2:1269.
Melamed, Moyshe.  Theater critic; copyist.  Z 2: 1337.
Mesko, Adam.     Z 2:1375-1377.
Mestel, Yankev [Jacob Mestel].  Director. Z.
Meyson, Avrom (Abraham Mason),  Prompter. Chicago.
Moffet (sp.?), John S.  Dramatist.
Mushnitski, Yashe. Composer.
Nager, Arn.   Z 2:1384-1386.
Naumov, Avrom. Z2:1383.
Nestor, A.  Playwright.
Nestor, Moyshe.  Prompter, playright.  Z2:1428-1429.
Nisenson, Meks (Max Nissenson).
Nozhik, Yitskhok.    Z 2:1394-1396.
Olshanski [Olshanetski/Olshanetzky], Aleksander.  Composer.
Ostrov, Oskar [Oscar Ostroff].  Actor; playwright. Z1:79.
Oyerbakh, Yitskhok (Isaac Auerbach).  Z1:42.
Perlberg. Copyist.
Perlmuter, Fayvish. Composer.
Perlmuter, Sholem.  NL 7:193.
Picon, Molly.  Actress.
Pinkosof, Luis (Louis Pinkosof).
Pogobotshin/Fogobotshin.  Belorussian writer.
Prager, R. Actress.  Z.
Pravatiner, Abraham.  Director.
Prizament, Yankev.  Prompter. Lemberg.  Prager 1990, p. 534.
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Scribe, Eugene. (1791-1861). Author _The Huguenots_
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End of _Yiddish Theatre Forum_ 02.003 [= A Catalog of Yiddish Play
Manuscripts and Typescripts at the American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati,
Part TWO.  Part ONE is found in YTF 02.002].

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