Yiddish Theatre Forum
Contents of Vol. 02.002
30 April 2003

1) A Word from the Editor (Joel Berkowitz)

2) A Catalog of Yiddish Play Manuscripts and Typescripts at the
American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati, Part One [Part Two = YTF 02.003]
(Leonard Prager)

                          Table of Contents

PART ONE [= _YTF_ 2002]
Plays #1 - #200

PART TWO [= _YTF_ 2003]
Plays #201 - #253
[Additional] Items 1-12
Separate Plays and Other Mss.
Index of Play Titles
Preliminary Index of Persons

Date: 30 April 2003
From: Joel Berkowitz 
Subject: A Word from the Editor

"Promptbooks are tricky, secretive, stubborn informants.  They chatter
and exclaim about what we hardly need to know:  that certain characters
are being readied by the callboy to make their entrances; that the scene
is about to change or the curtain to drop; that the orchestra is about
to play at the act-end.  They fall blackly silent just when we most hope
to be told where the actor stood or how he looked or what he did.
Rarely do they give us a hint of voice or temper or histrionic manner.
They tell lies, as anybody knows who ever produced a play and failed to
write into the book his own last-minute revisions or the happy
inspirations that come to the actors midway in a run of performances."

                                               Charles Shattuck (1)

Anyone who has worked with manuscript or typescript versions of Yiddish
plays has encountered the pitfalls of trying to draw conclusions from
the scribblings of those who created such resources -- but also the
potential rewards.  Yes, promptbooks "tell lies," but virtually any
type of historical evidence has the potential of leading us down more
wrong paths than right ones.  Original playscripts, however, tell many
truths.  They sometimes provide the full cast list of a particular
production:  information which, given the fragmentary nature of evidence
provided by theatre reviews, is often impossible to ascertain elsewhere.
Some Yiddish playscripts tell us what scenes were cut, added, or
rearranged.  They may indicate prescribed gestures, whether the generic
notation of "pozitsyon" or more specific indications of a raised hand, a
clenched fist, a swoon, etc.  They often introduce the sound of a bugle
call or tell us when the orchestra would have heightened a melodramatic
moment with the strains of a violin. In short, playscripts frequently
give us access to theatre history not available anywhere else, or offer
details that can confirm or challenge historical claims made in other
sources such as reviews, memoirs, and letters.

Working with playscripts is completely different from reading published
plays -- it is far more arduous.  Leonard Prager's notes to his catalog
of Yiddish playscripts in the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati,
whose first of two installments runs in this issue of the _Yiddish
Theatre Forum_, refer to particularly readable penmanship on the part of
the copyist -- "good hand," "very neat hand," etc.  -- which suggests
that the majority of the holdings are not written so clearly.
Deciphering some of the lesser samples of penmanship drives home just
how inventive writers of Yiddish and Hebrew can be in rendering an
"aleph" or a "hey".  Lest this sound picayune, sloppy penmanship can
have real implications for the researcher working to decipher page after
page of dramatic dialogue.

Comparing these written (and occasionally typed) versions with their
published counterparts shows how unreliable the latter often were.
Especially in the early years of the professional Yiddish theatre, plays
were often published without the authors' permission, and published
versions depart in numerous ways from what was presented on stage.
Unpublished versions often do a better job of indicating what the author
and original companies intended to do:  not only because they may
contain markings giving evidence of how works were staged, but because
their texts may more closely resemble the playwrights' own words.

At times, written scripts give far more extraneous information than any
that Shattuck lists above.  Prager's catalog occasionally hints at
moments when the prompters, managers, and copyists who wrote these
scripts "chattered and exclaimed" about matters not directly germane to
the productions themselves.  The Cincinnati Yiddish script for Alexandre
Dumas's enormously popular melodrama _Kean_, for example, announces at
the bottom of the title page, "After a successful season in South
Africa.  With glad hearts and full pockets.  And with good prospects
for the future.  We now make this pleasure trip home.  Translated and
completely rewritten and yiddishized ["faryidisht"] on the ship
_Edinburgh Castle_ between South Africa and England.  November 1923 by
Harry H. Krohn." [Item 29] Prager notes that the translator even added
a postscript: that the passengers got seasick during a storm, but made
it through and ended with a flourish of "drums and trompets.  Hoorah!"
Elsewhere, we meet less fortunate theatre personnel, such as the
prompter who "would be student of dental college, but circumstances
drived me back to this line." [Item 134]

One would have to spend some time in the archives to evaluate the
evidence that can be gleaned from the scripts.  In many cases, the plays
housed in the AJA can be found elsewhere; one of many areas for future
research is simply to determine which if any of these plays are the only
known extant copies.  Obviously, any that may be unique to Cincinnati
are particularly valuable additions to the pool of primary resources
related to the Yiddish theatre.  Even when additional versions can be
found in other archives, however, each playscript potentially tells a
story that none of its siblings can, with markings and notations that
can serve as pieces to the puzzle of how any given work was staged.

(1) Charles H. Shattuck, _The Shakespeare Promptbooks:  A Descriptive
Catalogue_ (Urbana:  University of Illinois Press, 1965), 3.

Date: 30 April 2003
From: Leonard Prager 
Subject:  A Catalog of Yiddish Play Manuscripts and Typescripts at the
American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati

Leonard Prager

A Catalog of Yiddish Play Manuscripts and Typescripts at the American
Jewish Archives, Cincinnati [Part One]

Table of Contents

[Part One]

The American Jewish Archives on the campus of Cincinnati's Hebrew Union
College houses a valuable collection of Yiddish play manuscripts and
typescripts, one that richly complements the great play ms. collections
of Yivo, St.  Petersburg, Library of Congress, and Stanford (described
briefly in _YTF_ vol one, no. 3).  About a dozen years ago I spent a
very crowded fortnight taking notes on these scripts with the intention
of preparing a catalogue with critical commentary.  I remain grateful to
Mr. Kevin Proffitt, Chief Archivist of the American Jewish Atrchives,
and his staff for the assistance they provided during my stay in
Cincinnati.  My notes have remained untouched until these past few weeks
when I have been struggling to decipher abbreviations and cryptic
apercus.  A basic list had already been prepared and the plays numbered
and boxed by the competent AJA staff.  I went through all relevant boxes
systematically and expanded the minimal notation of the original list.
The following Catalog and indices can be useful guides, but
researchers should check the original materials to be doubly sure I have
not introduced errors.  I try briefly to identify the persons listed in
the indices, but much work remains to be done here.  A good many of the
figures are not well known and identifying them requires much digging.

This catalog, based principally on collections purchased from New York
booksellers I.W.  Biderman (175 Second Ave., New York 3, NY) and M.
Vakser, amplifies the listing made by AJA archivists sometime after the
Vakser collection was purchased in 1966.  The Biderman collection was
purchased nine years earlier, in 1957.  This same year saw the purchase
from Swann Auction Galleries (New York) of the 2.8 linear feet Herman
Gold collection (Ms.  Collection No. 459), consisting of mss. of Gold's
plays as well as those of other Yiddish writers.  The main group,
covering plays numbered #1 to #243, is classified as "Ms.  Collection
No. 466".  One play, Anshl Shor's _Yisker_ was not included in this
numeration and was apparently shipped to the AJA separately.  (We learn
this from a mailing label dated 10 October 1956 that accompanied the ms.
of Anshl Shor's _Yisker_ and was addressed from Biderman's Book Store to
Hebrew Union College.)  "Manuscript Collection No. 499" fills "Box 18"
and contains ten play mss. which I have numbered #244 to #253.  BOX 19
contains Items 1-12 (an "Item" may have several mss.)  -- I have not
assigned consecutive numbers here as I did with the plays in BOX 18.  A
card in the collection reads:  "Thirty-seven plays, many produced on New
York's Second Ave.  For complete description see list in box.  Ms.
Yiddish. 583 pp.  Box No. 2076."  These plays were placed in the larger
collection of 19 boxes -- they included plays received before the larger
collection was purchased.  Under the category "SEPARATE PLAYS" I give
all the remaining mss. that I came across.

Thanks to two booksellers who knew the worth of their theatre
collections, these priceless materials have been preserved for us.
Itshe-Volf Biderman (1892-1957) was not only a collector; an active
journalist for many years, he became a bookseller and publisher after
1926 (see NL 1:283).  Soon after emigrating to America he had lived for
a time in Cincinnati, which lends a poetic touch to the return of part
of his intellectual property to that city -- a city, incidentally, that
was no stranger to Yiddish theatre.(1) He was himself a published
playwright -- Lahad lists nine published works by Biderman in his
catalogue of printed plays (see, too, Z 1:160).  Vakser was also both
publisher and bookseller and it was he, for instance, that issued
Nokhem-Borekh Minkov's _Glikl Hamel_ [Gluekel of Hameln] in New York in

Some of the manuscripts in the AJA collection show clearly that they
were used for multiple performances in scattered parts of the world.  In
a few instances the prompters of these different productions signed the
manuscript -- which then takes on the appearance of an adolescent's
autograph book.  The AJA ms. of Izidor Zolotarevski's _Monte Cristo_
tells us on its title page "suflirt in makinli skver teater fun Vilyem
Fayn / ufgefirt in london fun dem velt-barimtn kintstler her yozef
kesler / suflirt in Newark fun Mishe Elman."  At the end of Latayner's
_Di goldene khasene_ appear the names of a number of prompters, e.g.
Julius Schwartz and William Lew.  At the end of the fourth act of
Gordin's _Der vilder mentsh_ a number of prompters have signed their
names:  Yankev Prizament, Lemberg; H. Gruenberg; Jacob Zieger, Sauffleur
(with printed stamp).  A typescript of Shakespeare's _Hamlet_ in M.
Goldberg's translation has the signatures of a number of prompters on
the verso of the page listing Dramatis Personae:  Mishe Elman, Vilyem
Fayn, H. Koyfman, Maks Kreshover, Shloyme-Dov Vinkler.  Here
particularly, the play being so central and its text so valued, the
prompters -- the agents (together with the actors) responsible for its
correct transmission -- make their professional presence known to the
privileged inner circle who will see the typescript.  These are
signatures, therefore personal statements declaring among aother things:
'We, too, the invisible prompters, were here'.

The genres of the AJA Yiddish plays as given on title pages are
presumably the playwrights' own descriptors, yet even if they are those
of copyists, directors, leading actors or anyone else associated with
the production -- and these are scripts of staged works -- they are
significant.  They show us at a glance the primacy of music, comedy and
melodrama in the popular American Yiddish theatre, but they also show us
the currency of the "lebnsbild" (recently investigated by Brigitte
Dalinger and commented upon by Nina Warnke -- see TMR 6. 011 and Mendele
12.015, respectively), the adoption of terms current on the non-Jewish
stage, e.g.  "operetta," "tragi-comedy," "melodrama" and familiarity
with less plebeian modes such as "kamershpil," "simbol drama" and
"allegorical drama".  Understanding the terms used and their
appropriateness calls for close examination of the manuscripts and

1. See Marlene Phyllis Foreman, "Remembrances of Cincinnati Yiddish
Theater," University of Cincinnnati Thesis 1972..


Ms. Collection No. 466 [Anshl Shor, _Yisker_ + #1 - #243]
Manuscript Collection No. 499.  Box 18  [#244-#253]

0. Anshl Shor, _Yisker_.  ['Memorial Prayer'] "Muzikalishe drame".  Ms.
notebook. 79 pp. 8 1/4" x 7".  (This is identical with # [251] -- LP.)

1. Y. Adler. _Di shehne bertha_  [Di sheyne berte] ['Beautiful Bertha'].
Operete in 3 aktn.  This "sophisticated" play opens with news of the
heroine Regine's marriage to a former rake.  Pun on
_luftrayze_/_lustrayze_.  Notebook ms. 8 1/4" x 6 1/2".  Z 1:658 writes
that Yankev Vaksman wrote this operetta with music by Y. Adler and Y.
Shlosberg.  Performed in Lodz in 1916.

2. Yitskhok Oyerbakh.  _Yugend fehler_ [Yugnt feler] ['Faults of Youth'].
Title page also has "eygntum fun ?  Litman", and additional title
_Tsvishn flamen_ ['Among Flames']. 9 1/4" x 7 3/4" [Author also known as
Izak Oyerbakh according to Lahad.]

3. Oskar Ostrov.  _Der folks-zinger_  ['The Folksinger']. Operetta in
two acts and ten scenes.  Title page reads also "original geshpilt tsum
1tn mol untern nomen _Mayn mames lid_" ['originally first played under
the title 'My Mother's Song'].  Music by Ilya Trilling. 11" x 8 1/2".

4. Oskar Ostrov [Oscar Ostroff]. _A shpil in libe_ ['Love Game'].
Operetta in two acts and five scenes.  Program printed and pasted on
typescript.  Music by Sholem Secunda.  Lyrics by Khaym Toyber [Chaim
Tauber].  Directed by Aaron Lebedeff.  Played at Public Theatre, New
York, ca. 1935.  Autographed presentation copy from Ostroff.  Typescript
77 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

5.Rudolf Bernyes.  _Di Grehfin_  [... grefin]  ['The Contess']. Operetta
in three acts. [check name].  Yiddish translation by F. Diner ?
"gezang tekst" by F. Laskovski ?  Ms. notebook 143 pp. 8 /2" x 7".

6. Pogobotshin.  _Di getoyfte iden_ [... yidn] ['The Baptized Jews'].
Drama in five acts by Pogobotshin translated from Belorussian by B.
Bedel.  [List has T. Begel]. Large size copybook, 54 pp.  Ms. signed
at end "B.  Bedell". 9 3/4" x 8".

7. Avrom Blum.  _Di gasen zinger_ [...gasn] ['The Street Singer'].
Operetta in two acts and five scenes.  Large copy book ms. in poor
condition 10" x 7 1/2".

8. Avrom Blum.  _Dem rebns gelibte_  ['The Rabbi's Lover'].  Operetta
in three acts. Ts. 10 1/2" x 8".

9. Avrom Blum.  _Rozes ershte libe_ ['Rose's First Love'].  Typescript
72 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

10.  Avrom Blum.  _Di geferlekhe yohren oder Tsvey mol leben_
[...yorn... lebn] ['The Terrible Years' or 'Two Lives'].  Three acts and
four scenes.  Typescript 72 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

11.  Avrom Blum.  _Ir tsveyte libe_.  Melodrama in 3 acts and four
scenes. 11" x 8 1/2".  This copy has English title "Her Second Love".
Copyright by Abraham Blum.  Typescript. 82 pp. With many ms. additions
and corrections.  Ms. "duet by Khane and Gingold" 1 p.

12.  Avrom Blum.  _Der ruf tsum lebn_ ['The Call to Life'].
"Comedy-drama" in three acts. Typescript 11" x 8 1/2 ". Additional
title pencilled in:  "Men vil lebn ober men lozt nit" ['You Want to
Live But They Don't Let You'].

13.  Avrom Blum.  _Der rebe_  ['The Rabbi'].  "Folks shtik" ['Folk
Play'] in two acts and two scenes.  Typescript.  11" x 8 1/2".  [LP:
_rebe_ = title of a hasidic leader or of a kheyder melamed ('elementary
school teacher')].

14.  Avrom Blum.  _Di tsveyte libe_  ['Second Love_'] . "Comedy-drama"
in 3 acts. With corrections.  Typescript 43 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

15.Avrom Blum and Herman Vohl [Wohl].  _ Der groyser nes_  ['The Great
Miracle'].  Operetta in two acts and prologue.  Copied by Menakhem
Edelhaym. 29, 36 pp.  Typescript with ms. additions and corrections. 11"
x 8 1/2".

16.  Avrom Blum.  _Iden blayben iden_  [Yidn blaybn yidn] ['Jews
Remain Jews']. "natsyonale idish-musikalishe drame in 2 akten"
[...yidish-muzikalishe ...]  Typescript. 104 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

17.  Avrom Blum.  _Der ferhayrater bokher_  [... farhayreter...] ['The
Married Young Man'].  "Comedy drama" in three acts and "a bild"
['pageant'].  Typescript with a few ms. additions and corrections. 13" x
8 1/2 ".

18.  Avrom Blum.  _Ir falsher kheshbm_  ['Her False Reckoning']
"Family drama of Jewish-American Life".  Three acts and five scenes.
A few ms. additions.  Title added in ink:  _Dray tekhter_ ['Three
Daughters']. 11" x 8 1/2".

19.  Z. Gold.  _Die hant mit dem hamehr_ [Di...hamer]  ['The Hand with
the Hammer'].  Melodrama in three scenes.  Ms. notebook. No pagination.
8 1/2" x 6 1/2".

20.  Maks Gebel [Max Gable].  _Henele, oder der shtern fun Yankev_
['Hannale, or Jacob's Star'].  "Drama mit gezang" ['drama with song'] in
four acts.  Ms. notebook. 96 pp. 8 1/2" x 6 1/2".

21.  Henri Gastwirt.  _Der griner melamed_  ['The Raw Tutor'].  Comedy in
four acts. Ms. notebook. 116 + 6 pp.  (song lyrics). 8" x 6 1/2".
See Z 1:391.

22.  S. Goldberg.  _Moyshe der griner, oder Die rikhtike froy_.
['Green Morris, or The Right Wife'].  Comedy in three acts. Ms.
notebook. 79 pp. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".  [_rikhtike_ can be ironic, but may
not be here -- LP].

23.  S. Goldberg.  _Mish-mash_  ['Mishmash'].  Comedy in four
acts. Music by Herman Vohl.  Typescript.  70 pp. 11" x 8

24.  Yankev Gordin.  _Shloyme khokhem_  ['Wise Solomon'].
1) Stsenarium [i.e. scene synopses -- plot analysis].  2) "_Shloyme
khokhem_; drame in 4 akten fun Yankev Gordin.  Solomon Kaus
der erfinder der Dampfmaschin.  Eigenthum des Herrn Y. Kessler
Schauspieler".  Note endpage: "Geshrieben fun Moyshe Burshtin
shoyshpiler tsu bukarest.  Gevidmet mayn lieben lehrer un
hokhgeshatsten kinstler Herrn Yozef Kessler.  Bucharest den 24 Juli
1912" (in Latin letters).  Ms. notebook.   No pagination.  8" x 6 1/2".

25.  Yankev Gordin.  _Der fremder_  ['The Stranger']. "Drame in 4
akten". [...aktn] "Suzhet entnommen fun Inok Arden" ["Enoch Arden"
by Tennyson-- LP].  Eigenthum fun Herrn Josef Kessler.  Ms. notebook.
No pagination. 8 3/4" x 7" . Also contains scenarium of play.

26.  Yankev Gordin.  _Der rusisher yid_  ['The Russian Jew'].  Drama in
five acts. No pagination.  Ms. 9 1/2" x 8".

27.  Yankev Gordin.  _Der vilder mensh_ [mentsh].  ['The Wild Person']
Drama in four acts. "geshribn fun Yankev Shvarts" ['copied by
Jacob Schwartz'].  Ms. notebook. 8" x 7".  Before the fourth act
three prompters have signed their names:  Yankev Prizament, Lemberg;
H. Gruenberg; Jacob Zieger, Sauffleur (printed stamp).

28.  Yankev Gordin.  _Der vilder mentsh_.  ['The Wild Person'].  Ms.
notebook. 88 pp.   8" x 7".  Latin letters at end:  "Geschrieben tzu 1
Juli 1094 [=1904] New York, Adolf Lianski."

29.  Aleksandre Dyuma [Dumas].  _Kien_ ['Kean']. tr. by H. Krohn.  Note
the two columns at bottom of title page:  "Nokh a zehr suksesfulen sezon
in soyt afrika.  Mit frehlikhe hertser un fule pakets.  Un mit gute
oyszikhten af der tsukunft.  Makhen mir yetst di lustrayze tsurik nokh
arop.  [col. 2] "Ibergezetst un folkomen ibergeshribn un faridisht af
der shif 'Edinburgh Castle' tsvishn soyt afrika un england.  November
1923 fun Herri H. Krohn".  Ms. 90 pp.  Neatly written.  Translator adds
at end on p. 90:  "In droysn hot geshturemt.  Di shif hot zikh gevakelt.
Ale zenen gevehn krank nor mir hoben zikh gehalten un geendikt mit poykn
un trumpeten...  Hura!"  Also scenarium in two notebooks. 8" x 6 1/2".

30.  Osip Dimov.  _Meydl-muter_  ['Girl-Mother'].  Ms. notebook. 10" x
7 3/4 ".

31.  Osip Dimov.  _Di letste gelibte_  ['The Last Lover'].  "Kamershpil
in 7 bilder".   Ms. notebook. 83 pp.  9" x 7".  Very neat hand.

32.  Profesor Horovits.  _Alexander der Kronprintz von Jerusalem_
['Alexander Crown Prince of Jerusalem'] (on cover; also name of Adolph
Lianski printed with stamp).  Title page has _Alexander oder Kronprintz
von Jerusalem_.  Eigenthum des ADOLPH LIANSKI. 85 pp.  + 2 (duet)
written by Lianski 5 September 1900.

33.  Professor Horovits [Moyshe Hurwitz].  _Ben haDor_ ['Son of the
Age'] Operetta in four acts.  Music by Perelmutter & Wohl [ Froyim
Perlmuter and Herman-Tsvi Vohl.  Ms. notebook 65 pp.  Property of
Lianski, dated 7 October 1904. 8 1/2" x 7".

34.  Yankev Vaksman.  _Di tentsern_ ['The Dancer'].  Operetta in two
acts. 6 ms. notebooks, written by Cz.  Liebowitz. 8" x 6 1/2".

35.  Yankev Vaksman.  _Der vos hot zikh farkoyft_ ['The Man Who Sold
Himself'].  Drama in three acts.  Note stamp:  "Yakob Waksman /
Lublin, Rynek 8" on first page of ms. and other pp. in pencil.  This play
is an adaptation of Emile Zola 's _Nantes_ and was produced by Jonas
Turkov in Kovel on 26 November 1927.  See Z1:658.  It was written
while the author still lived in Lublin.  13" x 8 1/2"

36.  Saymon Volf.  _Di kroyn fun libe_  ['The Crown of Life'].
Melodrama in three acts. Typescript.  59 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

37.  Simon Volf.  _Got fun gerekhtikayt, oder Zogt dem emes_
['God of Justice' or 'Tell the Truth'].  "Spektakl-melodrame" in four
acts. Bound typescript copied by the Idishe teater byuro ['Jewish
Theatre Bureau'], 177 East Broadway, New York. 11" x 8".

38.  Simon Volf.  _Hertser tsu farkoyfn_.  Drama in four acts.
Ms.  82 pp.  Also three smaller notebooks, same dimensions,
of scenarium.  8 1/2" x 7".

39.  Simon Volf and H. Hoffenberg.  _Der eybiker nign_  ['The
Eternal Melody'] "Muzikalishe melodrame".  Ms. notebook .  No
pagination. 8 3/4" x 7".

40.  Izidor Zolotarevski.  _Der gazlen_  ['The Thief'].  Ms. notebook.
110 pp.  8" x 6 3/4".

41.  Izidor Zolotarevski.  _Kinder batsohlen_ [... batsoln] ['Children
Pay'].  "Family drama" in three acts. Ms. 109 pp.  Neatly written.

42.  Izidor Zolotarevski.  _Gelt, libe un shande_  ['Money, Love, and
Disrepute'].  Drama in four acts. "Property of Mr. Jacob Frenk".
Ms. notebook   No pagination.  Neat hand. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

43.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Yeder froys ferlang_ [farlang].  ['Every
Wife's Wish'].  Two ms. notebooks. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

44.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Monte Cristo_.  Five acts. Title
page:  "suflirt in Mckinley Square Theatre by V. Fayn" [Willian Fein];
"ufgefirt in london fun dem velt-berihmten kinstler herr Yozef Kessler"
['staged in London by the world-famous artist Mr. Joseph Kessler'];
"suflirt" ['prompted'] in Newark by Mischa Elman".  Bound ms. notebook.
No pagination. 8 3/4" x 7 1/2".

45.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Di almone_  ['The Widow'].  "Lebnsbild" in
four acts.  Property of Adolph Liaski. 87 pp.

46.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Farbotene skhoyre_ ['Forbidden Goods'].
Four acts.  Three ms. notebooks plus section of an additional
notebook. 8 1/2" x 6 1/2".

47.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Di blinde mame_ ['The Blind Mother'].  Three
acts.  Ms. notebook. No pagination. Copied by Schwarts, prompter.
8 1/2" x 7 ".

48.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Kinder kumt aheym_  ['Children, Come
Home'].  Bound ms. notebook, 63 pp.  [verso is generally blank, but ms.
needs careful recounting], 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

49.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Zise khaloymes_  ['Sweet Dreams'].
"Melodrama mit gezang" in three acts and prologue.  Ms. notebook.  No

50.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Idishe fir hundert_  [Yidishe ...] ['The
Jewish Four Hundred'].  "in 4 aktn" but only first two acts included!
Ms. notebook. 9" x 7 3/4".

51.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Lebedige yesoymim_  [lebedike...] ['Living
Orphans']. "Lebnsbild" in four acts. "Ufgefirt tsum ershtn mol in
People's Theater Nov. 6, 1914".  ['First performed in People's Theater
on November 6, 1914'].  Ms. notebook,  Written 23 Dec.1914.
9 1 /2" x 7 1/2".

52.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Lebedige Yesoymim_  [lebedike...] ['Living
Orphans'].  "Lebnsbild" in four acts. Copied on 10 November 1918
in Toronto by I. [J?] Stark.  At end:  "Stark, Toronto 25 Nov. 1918".
Bound ms. notebook.  9 1/4" x 7 1/2 ".

53.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Der prayz fun libe_  ['The Price of Love'].
"Kopirt fun Her Meks Nisenson" ['copied by Mr. Max Nissenson']. 85 pp.
Bound ms. notebook. 10" x 8".

54.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Eyvige libe_ [eybike] ['Eternal Love'].
"Comedy drama" in four acts.  Bound ms. notebook. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".
Plus four smaller notebook-size uncovered sections with the roles of 1)
Samuel, 2) Benjamin, 3) Mike, 4) Meyer; plus plat (as in Elizabethan
theatre, with all the scenes = a long sheet 28" x 10" with serial
listing of character entrances as in Shakespeare's theatre!  The plat
shows a three-act structure.

55.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _A mames opfer [korbm]_ ['A Mother's
Sacrifice'].  Melodrama in four acts. Ms. notebook.  Covers have
come loose.  End:  "Ibergeshribn ['copied'] Feb 4, 1931.  Julius
Schwartz Prompter." 75 pp. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

56.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Zay erlikh_  ['Be Honest'].  Comedy-drama
in four acts.  Note signature of J[ulius] Schwartz, owner.
Copyist was Sol Dickstein.  Found in bound ms. notebook, 9 1/2" x 7 1/2",
a printed song, broadsheet single side, 14 1/2" x 5 1/2":  "'Onkel Sem'
ferfast un gezungen fun herr izidor lillyen" in Star Vaudeville House, 8
Forsyth.  ['"Uncle Sam" composed and sung by Mr. Isidor Lilien in Star
Vaudeville House, 8 Forsyth'.]

57.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Mazl-tov idelekh_ [... yidelekh] ['Jews,
Congratulations'].  Comedy drama in four acts.  Ms. notebook
without covers.  At the end of Act Three:  "Hyman Feinstein,
prompter".  Partly paginated.  9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

58.  Isidor Zolotorevski.  _Daymonds_ [diamentn].  ['Diamonds'].
"Ibergeshribn fun Avrom Meyson Shikago fir Herr A. Lianski".  ['Copied
by Abraham Mason, Chicago for Mr. A. Lianski'].  Note stage setting
sketch on verso of first page.  Bound ms. notebook. 95 pp.  Verso mainly
blank 9 3/4" x 7 3/4".

59.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  _Eyvige liebe oder Liebe in Leiden_ [Eybike
libe ...  laydn] ['Love Amidst Suffering'].  Bound ms. notebook.   No
pagination.  "ibergeshribn fun Avrom Mayson Shikago fir A. Lianski".
9 3/4" x 7 3/4".

60.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  Mensh, malekh un tayfel [Mentsh... tayfl]
['Man, Angel and Devil'].  Drama in four acts.  Bound ms. notebook.
Irregular pagination.  Copied and owned by Avrom Meyson.  9 3/4" x 7 3/4".

61.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  Gengster liebe [libe].  ['Gangster Love'].
Drama in three acts. Copied by Arn Goldblum, Feb. 3, 1933, NYC.
Prologue + three acts.

62.  Isidor Zolotarevski.  Lebedige yesoymim [Lebedike...] "a lebnsbild
in 4 aktn".  Ms. 94 pp.  + stage setting sketches.  Covers loose.
"kopirt far mr. Eyb Sinkof fun Luis Rappel".  ['Copied for Mr. Abe
Sinkof by Louis Rappel'].  Newark, NJ, 1915. 10 1/2" x 8".

63.  Yankev Ter.  _Die farblonzete neshome, oder Die nakht-vandlerin_[di
farblonzhete...] ['The Lost Soul, or The Night Wanderer'].  "Spetsiel
ibergeshriben fir artist Rudolf Marks fon Yankev Ter".  ['Specially
copied for artist Rudolf Marks by Jacob Ter']. 1892.  Bound ms.
notebook. 80 pp.  End stamp of Adolph Lianski, Comitzer?  [?komisar
'commissary'].  Ornamental design.  Note first page has names
(signatures?) of Rudolph Marks and A. M. Rodkinson. 8" x 6 1/2 ".

64.  Herman Treger.  _Di shvartse khupe_  ['The Black Wedding'].  Four
acts with a prologue.  Ms. notebook. Dated at end "Toronto 9 October
1923".  Verso blank.  Copyist not indicated. 9" x 7".

65.  Jacob Jacobson.  _Hershende shklafen_  [hershnde shklafn] ['Ruling
Slaves'].  Property of Adolph Lianski (with his stamp and signature). At
end signed A. Lianski NY, 18 April 1913.  126 pp. + an insert.

66.  Professor Yakobi. 20 yohr prizen.  [... yor tfise] ['Twenty Years of
Prison'].  Ms. notebook.  28 pp. 2 acts. Complete?  Note place
for a number of duets. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

67.  Professor Yakobi (oys London).  _Geheymnise fun london, oder Die 2
yesoymim_ ['Secrets of London, or The Two Orphans'].  "lebnsbild in 5
akten" [... aktn].  "Die Piese ist Extra Copiert fuer Artist Louis
Herman".  ['The play is especially copied for artist Louis Herman'].
Ms. notebook.  No pagination.  At end:  "New York April 22, 1908".
Printed by hand on cover:  "Eigenthum von Artist Louis Herman aus New
York" ['Property of artist Louis Herman of New York'].  See Prager 1990,
p. 535, where the possilility is raised that this is Jacob Gordin's
work.  Study of this ms. might help determine authorship. 8 1/4" x 6

68.  Hershil Levin [Hershl].  _Di seyder nakht_ ['The Seder Night'].
"Kopirt fun Luis Sigal.  Dec. 15 1925".  Bound ms notebook.  Note the
many songs. 10 1/4" x 8".

69.  Adolf Lianski (?)  No title.  Ms. notebook.  At end:  "geshribn in
New York 1 Nov., 1904 Adolf Lianski".  This could simply mean the play
has been copied by Lianski.  Needs study. 8 1/4" x 6 1/4".

70.  Izidor Lesh.  _Bertshik fun byalistok_  ['Bertshik from
Bialistok'].  Musical comedy in two acts. Music by Herman Vohl.
Typescript.  31, 31 pp.  Copied by Sh. E.  11" x 8 1/2".

71.  Izidor Lesh.  _Amerika_ [Amerike]  ['America'].  Typescript.
32 pp.  11" x 8 1/2".

72.  Izidor Lesh. _Dem shnayders tokhter_  ['The Tailor's Daughter']
Melodrame in 2 aktn. Typescript. 32 pp.  11" x 8 1/2".

73.  Sinkler Luis [Sinclair Lewis].  _Do ken es nisht geshen_ ['It
Can't Happen Here'].  Dramatizirt fun Dzhan S. Mafit - Sinkler Luis [John S.
Moffet (sp.?) - Sinclair Lewis].  Yiddish:  B. Resler - B. Indzh.
Typescript. 117 pp. 11" x 81/2".  [Is this the WPA 1936 production?-- LP]

74.  Yozef Latayner [Josef Lateiner].  _Ir vide_ ['Her Confession'].
"Lebns bild in 4 aktn". Music by Brodi.  Cover has "Ihr Wiede".  Ms.
notebook  112 pp.  Signed at end:  "Adolf Lianski, 12 October 1912
New York". 8 1/4" x 6 1/2".

75.  Yozef Latayner.  _Di seyder nakht_ ['The Seder Night'].  "Folks
shtik in 4 aktn" ['Folk play in four acts'].  Property of Adolph Lianski.
Ms. notebook. 75 pp.  8 1/4" x 6 3/4".  .

76.  Yozef Latayner.  _Dine, oder A gast fun yener velt_  ['Dinah, or A
Guest from the Other World'].  Property of Adolph Lianski, who at the
end dates copy 18 October 1911.  "Lebns bild in 4 aktn".  Ms. notebook.
8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

77.  Yozef Latayner.  _Blimele, oder Graf und Yude_  ['Blimele', or
'Count and Jew'].  Operetta in four acts. Property of Adolph
Lianski.  Ms. notebook. 111 pp. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

78.  Yozef Latayner.  _Di hugenoten oder Di bluthokhtsayt fun pariz_
['The Huguenots, or The Massacre of St.  Bartholemew'].  "Drame in 4
aktn iberzetst fun Josef Lateiner" ['Drama in four acts translated by
Joseph Lateiner'].  Property of Adolph Lianski.  Ms. notebook 82 pp.
This is apparently Scribe's play translated by Lateiner. 8 1/2" x 6 1/2".
See below 227.

79.  Yozef Latayner.  _Dos farblonzhete shefele_  ['The Lost Sheep']
Ms. notebook. 89 pp.  Dated at end :  "Adolph Lianski October 8, 1911,
New York City".  8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

80.  Yozef Latayner.  _Di grinhorns_ ['The Greenhorns'].  "Folk-shtik in
5 aktn mit prolog".  On title page:  "kopirt fir mr. tomashevski bay
melamed" ['copied for Mr. Tomashevski by Melamed'].  Note the
handwritten name" "Julius Erber, Sauffleur".  Ms. notebook (no cover).
89 pp.  Philadelphia 13 October 1907.  This must be Moyshe Melamed, who
was acive at this time in the Philadelphia Yiddish theater. 8 1/2" x 7".
Prager 1990, p. 451.  Z2:1337.

81.  Yozef Latayner.  _Yehudis und olifernis_ ['Judith and Holifernes'].
"Opere in 4 aktn un 8 bilder".  Music by Maks Abramovitsh.  Ms.
notebook. 57 pp. 81/2" x 6 3/4".  Property of Adolph Lianski.

82.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Die Reise nach America oder Miscke un Moscike_ (=
German) [Yiddish:  Di rayze nokh amerike oder Mishke un Moshke'].
['Voyage to America', or 'Mishka and Moshka'].  "Komedye un gezang un
tants in 5 aktn mit a prolog".  Property of Adolph Lianski. Dated New
York, 2 August 1900.  Ms. notebook.  8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

83. 1) Ms. 52 pp. Comic and theater verse, much, if not all of it
apparently by the copyist Adolph Lianski 2) Ms. of Yoysef Latayner's
_Mayn vaybs fraynt_ [... fraynd], 92 pp.  Signed at end by Adolph
Lianski and dated 7 June 1910, New York. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

84.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Dovids fidele_ ['David's Violin'] "Lebns bild in
4 akt".  Signed "Adolph Lianski, New York, 10 July 1904".  Property of
A[dolph] L[ianski].  Ms. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

85.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Muter herts_ ['Mother Heart'].  Drama in four
acts.  Ms. 94 pp.  (verso blank). 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

86.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Hadasa_ ['Hadassah'] "Lebns bild in 4 aktn".
Title page has:  "by PROFESSOR HOROWITZ" [corrected by cataloguer].
Title page has handwritten signature of Adolph Lianski, New York, 30
September 1903.  Ms. 113 pp. 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" .

87.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Der yud in rumenye_ [... yid...  ]. ['The Jew in
Romania']. "Lebns bild in 4 aktn".  Ms. 104 pp.  Written
by Adolph Lianski in Coney Island 21 July 1906.  8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

88.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Yom hakhupe_  ['Wedding Day'].  "Lebns bild in 4
aktn".  Copied by Adolph Lianski 26 June 1911.  Ms. notebook. 106 pp.
(many verso pp. blank).  Printed songs of the play are pasted in at the
end, e.g.  "Al tashlikheynu". 8 1/2" x 7".

89.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Yom hakhupe_  ['Wedding Day'] (Second copy).
Ms. notebook. 110 pp.  (most verso pp. blank)   Copied by T. Kotshar
28 Dec, 1920. 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

90.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Yoysef mit zayne brider_  ['Joseph and His
Brothers'].  Historical operetta in five acts.  Bound ms. notebook.  No
pagination (verso pp. blank).  Copied by M. Shredsky,
Newark, NJ.  9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

91.  Yoysef Latayner.  _A mame fun yener velt_  ['A Mother from the
World To Come']  Ms. notebook. No pagination.  Copied by
Verlinske (verso pp. blank).   10" x 8".

92.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Yente in amerike_ ['Yenta in America'].  Ms.
notebook.  63 pp. (verso mostly blank). Owned by Maks Shvarts
[Max Schwartz]. Copied by Yoysef Shvartsberg "vort ba vort".
9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

93.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Di yidishe velt_ ['The Jewish World'] Melodrama
in four acts.  Ms. notebook. 71 pp.  (some verso pp. blank).  Copied by
A. Rozentahl [A.  Rosenthal], 175 Grand St., NY. 10" x 7 3/4".

94.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Di goldene khasene_ ['The Golden Wedding'] Ms.
notebook (most verso pp. blank).  No pagination.  Name written on front
soft cover:  "A.R.  Mason 1437 S. Racine, Chicago", a name encountered
above as copyist.  Title page at bottom has "ibergeshribn nit gebloft
fun avrom meyson fir mayne fraynd mr. un mrs. s. hartt ['copied not
bluffed by Abraham Mason for my friends Mr. and Mrs. S. Hartt'].  Names
of prompters written in at various places at end, e.g.  Julius Schwartz;
William Lew, Prompter at the Orpheum Theater. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2.

95.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Vi a man libt, oder Di tsvey mekhutonim_  ['How
a Man Loves, or The Two In-laws'].  In four acts.  Ms. 11" x 8 1/2".

96.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Muter herts_ ['A Mother's Heart'].  In four acts
(second copy).  "Prezentirt tsu mr. lianski fin sh. perelmuter"
['Presented to Mr. Lianski by Sh.  Perlmutter'].  Ms. 47 pp. (one side
only). 10" x 8 1/2".

97.  Yoysef Latayner.  _A yor nokh der khasene_  ['A Year After the
Wedding'].  Comedy in four acts.  Ms. (one side only). 10" x 8 1/2".

98.  Yoysef Latayner.  _Der falsher shrit_ ['The False Move'].  Musical
drama in four acts.  "Muzik fun Broyde un Friedzel" [Brody and Louis
Friedsell] "Eygenthum fun Deyvid Kessler un Maks R. Vilner".
Typescript. 71 pp.  (one side).  Many ms. corrections. and additions.
"Maks Kreshover martsh den 5ten 1915.  At end:  "Maks Kreshover marsh
den 8ten 1915, 38 Osborne St.  Brooklyn, NY". 11" x 8 1/2".

99.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Libe fun himel_ [...himl].  ['Heavenly Love'].
Operetta.  Ms. notebook.  No pagination.  Good hand on one side only.
9 3/4" x 7 1/2".

100.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Der veg tsu libe_ ['The Way to Love'].
"Melodrame in 4 aktn".  Ms. notebook.  (After 1st act mostly one side
only).  No pagination.  Copied by A. Arka, 17 July 1926, New York.  Note
autograph:  "Oscar Ostroff / Season 1926-1927 / Detroit, Mich." 9 1/2" x
7 1/2".

101.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Geganvete libe_ ['Stolen love'].  Melodrama in
four acts.  Bound ms.  Very good hand. 10 3/4" x 8 1/2".

102.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Prints Yisroel_ ['Prince Israel'].  'Allegorical
drama in four acts'.  Typescript. 64 pp.  (loose sheets bound with
theatre advertisement for _Der milyoner oyf tsores_ ['The Millionaire in
Trouble']). 11" x 8 1/2".

103.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Dos shenste meydl_ ['The Prettiest Girl'].
Operetta in three acts.  Typescript. 50 pp.  Copied by Avrom Blum for
the Yiddish Actors' Union. 11" x 8 1/2".

104.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Di tsvey farsheydene shvester_ ['Two Different
Sisters'].  In four acts.  Typescript. 57 pp.  Dated "New York January
15, 1910".  Ms. last page has name "Julius Schwartz", doubtless the
copyist, and what is probably his signature. 10" x 7 1/2 ".

105.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Bruder gegn bruder_ ['Brother Against Brother'].
In four acts.  Ms. 62 pp (one side only) copied by Julius Schwartz 1912.
10" x 7 3/4".

106.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Di yidishe kehnigin_ [...kinigin'] ['The Jewish
Queen'].  In three acts.  "Geshribn in nyu york 1909 / 188 Forsyth"
[address of Julius Schwartz, copyist].  Bound ms. notebook. 45 pp.
[About half one side only 9" x 7 3/4"].

107.  Izidor Lilyen.  _A froy fun tsvey mener_ ['A Woman of Two
Husbands'].  In four acts.  Ms. notebook.  No pagination.  Mainly one
side only.  Handwriting looks like Julius Schwartz's. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

108.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Die hant miten hamer_ [Di hant mitn hamer] ['The
Hand with the Hammer'].  "sotsyalistishe lebens drama in 4 akten farfast
fun Izidor Lilyen in 1909" [..lebns drame ... aktn...].  (Second copy?).
Ms. notebook. 62 pp.  (one side only).  Julius Schwartz / 188 Forsyth
St., NY (his signature at end indicates he was the copyist). 10" x 7

109.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Nyu york nokh halber nakht_ ['New York After
Midnight'].  "In 3 bilder".  Typescript (one side only).  No pagination.
Handwritten:  "M.  Herman / prompter / Montreal 298 St / Georges St". 8
1/4" x 7".

110.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Keytn fun libe_ ['Bonds of Love']. act 1:  10
1/2" x 7 1/2" , no pagination; acts 2-4:  9 1/4" x 7" (mainly 1 side

111.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Hello mama_ [helo mame].  ['Hello Mama'].
"Muzikl-komedye in 3 akten mit a bild" [...aktn...] Typescript. 54 pp.

112.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Khosn-kale mazl-tov_ ['Congratulations, Bride and
Groom'].  "Muzikl-komedye in 3 aktn."  Ms. loose-bound.  (mainly one
side only).  No pagination. 10 1/2" x 7 1/2".

113.  Izidor Lilyen.  "Oyf dem mazbeyekh fun shande".  ['On the Altar of
Shame'].  In four acts.  Ms. notebook. 9" x 7".  Note in title a final
kaf rather than khes.  Also note the dialdectal "hart der andlung" for
"ort der handlung".

114.  Izidor Lilyen.  _Nyu york fartog_ ['New York At Dawn'] Cf . # 109
above.  Ms. notebook. 53 pp.  (mainly one side only).  Note:  "hart der
handlung in nyu york / tsayt der gegenvart".  Verso of typescript has
address of Julius Schwartz as well as his English signature at end with
additional "Promter [sic] 188 Forsyth". 10" x 7 1/2".

115.  A. Levin.  _Goles rumenyen_ ['Romanian Exile'].  Three acts and a
prologue:  _a pastukh un zayn geliebte_ [... gelibte].  ['A Shepherd and
His Lover'].  Ms. notebook (one side only).  No pagination. 8 1/4" x 6

116.  Z. Libin.  _Di gebrokhene hertser_ ['The Broken Hearts'].
Melodrama in four acts.  Ms. notebook Note signature on verso of title
page (detached) "Vasaly / Kessler Theater Jan. 16, 1918".  One loose
section with no covers is 20 pp.  + blank pp.  + songs.  Mainly written
on one side of page only.  Contains another version of the play,
apparently shorter. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

117.  Z. Libin.  _Der troymer_ ['The Dreamer'].  In four acts.  Ms.
notebook. 113 pp. 8 1/4" x 7".

118.  Z. Libin.  _Ir fargangenhayt_ ['Her Past'].  Drama in four acts.
Property of A. Littman.  Bound ms. notebook (one side only) 9" x 7 1/2".
No pagination.

119.  Z. Libin.  _Der hefker yung_ ['The Wayward Youth'].  Melodrama in
three acts with epilogue.  Typescript. 54 + 3 pp.  Contains many ms.

120.  Z. Libin.  _Blinde libe_ ['Blind Love'].  "Lebns bild in 4 aktn".
Ms. notebook . 84 pp.  (one side only).  Some ms. corrections.  Signed
at end "Adolph Lianski / 12 April 1913 / New York". 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

121.  Z. Libin.  _Die moderne froy_ [Di...].  ['The Modern Wife'].  Four
acts with a prologue.  Front cover also has the title _Di hayntige froy_
[... hayntike] ['Today's Wife'].  Ms. notebook. 42 pp.  (one side only).
10" x 8".

122.  Z. Libin.  _Di letste shtunde_ ['The Last Hour'].  Drama in four
acts.  Ms. notebook. 87 pp.  On verso of last page appears name "Minnie
Axelrod/ 29/12, Chicago" + 1 page of verse.  There is a 8 1/4" x 6 1/4"
separate notebook of the stsenaryum (scenarium). 9 3/4" x 7 3/4".

123.  Z. Libin.  _Der eyntsiger [eyntsiker] eydes_ ['The Sole Witness'].
Drama in four acts.  Typescript. 114 pp.  Signed on Dramatis Personae
page:  "Max Kreshover/Haymarket Theater/Chicago, Ill".  Kreshover typed
other scripts. 11" x 8".

124.  Z. Libin.  _Gott's shtrof_ [Gots...] ['God's Punishment'].  Drama
in four acts.  Ms. No pagination.  Copied by S. Ratshkovski.  Script is
highly legible and neat; right hand margin for characters' names and
margin is kept. 12" x 8".

125.  Z. Libin.  _Der got fun rakhmones_ ['The God of Mercy'] "Drama in
four acts" [but there appear to be only three!].  Bound typescript. 24,
29, 12 pp.  Ms. corrections and additions.  "kopirt fun der 'idisher
teater byuro'" ['copied by the Jewish Theatre Bureau'].  Loose sheet
with song.  Note duet possibly composed in London (it is written on the
back of a sheet of stationery of Folman's Limited Hotel and Restaurant,
128 Whitechapel Road, London, E. 1 with date 19__ and to the left side a
star of David. 11" x 8".

126.  Z. Libin.  _Der iberiger mensh_ [iberiker mentsh].  ['The
Extraneous Person'].  Drama in four acts.  Ms. notebook.  No pagination.
Writtten throughout in red ink.  Note separate sheet with song
transcribed, "Jean's song", for someone who couldn't read Yiddish. 10" x

127.  L. Malekh.  _Leybele tentser_ ['Leybele the Dancer'].  Drama in
three acts.  Typescript. 78 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

128.  Ben-Menakhem.  [pseud?  Moshe Nestor? see Z 2:1428-9].
_Menshlikhe neshomes_ [mentshlekhe] ['Human Souls'].  Melodrama in four
acts.  Typescript. 58 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

129.  Itsik Manger.  _Hotsmakh-shpil_ "Goldfadn motif in 3 aktn".
['Hotsmach Play'].  On title page/cover:  "bam shrayb-mashin/mordkhe
yakhsin/1951/nyu york ['At the typewriter Mordechai Yachson/1951/New
York.] Someone has written the name (or it is a signature of) Itsik
Manger and also has written "geven gedrukt" ['was printed'].  Stapled
loose sheets. 11" x 8 1/2".  Source of text?

130.  Rudolf Marks.  _Khayim in amerika_ [amerike].  ['Haim in
America'].  Melodrama in four acts.  Ms. notebook.  No pagination. 8
1/2" x 6 1/2".

131.  Rudolf Marks.  _Khayim in amerika, oder Der nakht dieb_ ['Haim in
America, or The Night Thief'] ["Dieb" is a German word].  "Lebnsbild in
5 akten".  Scene of action = Philadelphia, USA.  Ms. 124 pp.  At end:
stamp of Adolph Lianski.  Written 21 January 1908 / Brooklyn.  N.Y. 8
1/4" x 6 1/2".

132.  Adam Mesko.  _Der menshenfraynd_ [mentshnfraynd].  ['The People's
Friend'].  Drama in three acts; "bilder".  [Bilder = 'pageants',
'scenes'?] Ms. notebook. 68 pp. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

133.  Adam Mesko.  _Der kales kholem_ ['The Bride's Dream'] "Troym bild
in 4 aktn mit an epilog".  Ms. notebook. 89 pp.  At end:  "Geschrieben
am 22ter Mertz 1913/ Adolf Lianski (signature)".  Note use of German at
end by Yiddish copyist! 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

134.  Adam Mesko.  _Der kales kholem_ ['The Bride's Dream'] (second
copy).  Ms. notebook. 83 pp.  Verso of p. 82 has in pencil:  "This show
has been prompted at the Orpheum Theatre with great success / William
Lew (Levi?)/ would be student of dental college, but circumstances
drived me back to this line" -- signed in English at end "Mrs. Hart".
On inside front paper opposite inside cover in pen in Yiddish:  "a
prezent fin Frenk / ibergeshriben fin der mrs. hart". 9 1/4" x 7 1/4".

135.  Yitskhok Nozhik.  _Malkele soldat_ ['Malka the Soldier'].
Operetta in four acts.  Ms. notebook. 98 pp.  + 4 pp. with an insert. 8
1/4" x 6 1/2".

136.  A. Nestor.  _Berele kozak_ ['Berele Cossack'].  Typescript (loose
binding) 37 pp.  + 5 pp of songs.  The first song is macaronic , Yiddish
and Russian ("Vazlye retshke, vazlye masta..."). 11" x 8 1/2".

137.  Arn Nager.  _Dem khazns tokhter_ ['The Cantor's Daughter'].  In
three acts.  Ms. notebook. 53 pp. 10" x 8".

138.  Arn Nager.  _Der dokter_.  Ms. loose-bound. 41 pp.  (one side
only). 10 1/2" x 8".

139.  Arn Nager.  _Der meksikaner_ ['The Mexican'].  In three acts.
"kopirt fun herr shvartz/188 Forsyth".  Ms. notebook.  No pagination.
Note "hort der andlung" of copyist and prompter Schwartz "geshribn sheyn
17 Martsh, 1911". 10" x 8".

140.  Arn Nager.  _Di kleyne ganevte_ ['The Little Female Thief'].
"Tragi-komedye in 3 aktn".  "Ort der handlung London, England".  Ms. 71
pp.  (one side only).  Neat writing. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2". 141.  Arn Nager.
_Dem tatns khasene_ ['Father's Wedding'].  Comedy in four acts.  Ms.
notebook. 110 pp.  (one side only for most part).  Ms. corrections.
Paper is brittle. 8 1/2" x 6 1/2".

142.  Arn Nager.  _Der kesel garden_ ['Castle Garden'].  "In 3 bilder".
"kopirt fun herr shvarts".  Ms. notebook 54 pp.  Julius Schwartz's hand
is not especially good. 9" x 7".

143.  Avrom Naumov?  _Eltern un kinder_ ['Parents and Children'].  "2
aktn mit muzik".  Typescript with ms. corrections.  "kopirt fun Idishe
teater byuro 231 East 11th St., NY" ['copied by Jewish Theatre
Bureau...'] Loose-bound with many ms. pages interposed and pagination
confused; ca. 50 pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

144 Vilyem Sigel [William Siegel] _Shlekhte khaveyrim_ ['Bad Friends'].
Melodrama in four acts.  Ms. notebook.  No pagination.  Signed by "E".
9" x 7".

145.  Vilyem Sigel [William Siegel] _Nakht foygel_ [foygl].  ['Night
Bird'].  Melodrama in four acts.  "Geshribn far Misha Fishzon".  Ms.
notebook. 123 pp. + loose sheets, including score for duet "Di libe"
['Love'] + lyrics to song "Fertsik yor tsurik" ['Forty Years Ago'].
8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

146.  Vilyem Sigel [William Siegel] _Der poylisher rebe_ ['The Polish
Rabbi'].  Operetta in two acts.  "Libreto fun vilyem sigel" / "muzik fun
Yasha Mushnitski".  Ms. notebook. Pagination not consecutive. 9 1/2" x 7

147.  Vilyem Sigel [William Siegel] _A sheyner kholem_ ['A Beautiful
Dream'].  Operetta in two acts.  Typescript (loose-bound). 63 pp. + ms.
additions on back of last page.  Faded copy. 11" x 8 1/2".

148.  Vilyem Sigel [William Siegel] _Mayn meydeles khasene_ ['My Little.
Daughter's Wedding'].  Operetta in two acts and eight scenes.  Muzik fun
Aleksander Olshanski.  Lyrics fun Dzheykob Dzheykobs.  Oyfgefirt fun
Yitskhok Feld in Sekond Evenyu Teater Oktober dem 5 ten, sizon
1938/1939.  Typescript (loose-bound). 29, 26 pp.  Many ms. additions and
corrections. 11" x 8 1/2".

149.  Vilyem Sigel [William Siegel] _Soydes fun leben_ [lebn].
['Secrets of Life'].  "Komedye drame in 3 aktn un 3 bilder".  Typescript
(loose-bound).  Few ms. additions. 11" x 8 1/2".

150.  Latayner and Sigel.  _A gan eydn af der velt_ ['A Paradise on
Earth'].  "Operetta in tsvey aktn un bilder."  "Yitskhok felds kopye"
['Isaac Feld's copy'].  Typescript (loose-bound). 66 pp.  No ms.
additions or corrections. 11" x 8 1/2".  See Prager 1990, p. 262.

151.  Vilyem Sigel [William Siegel] _Der griner rebe_ ['The Raw Rabbi'].
Operetta in two acts.  Typescript (loose-bound). 27 pp.  A few ms.
insertions. 11" x 8 1/2" .

152.  Vilyem Sigel [William Siegel].  _A bokher mit kinder_.  Musical
comedy in two acts.  Typescript (loose-bound) 69 pp.  + songs and many
ms. insertions on front cover; slip pasted with title and "Yitskhok
Feld's eygentum" ['Isaac Feld's property']. 11" x 8 1/2".

153.  N[okhem] Stutshkov.  _Dos meydl fun der kvote_ ['The Quota Girl'].
Musical comedy.  Typescript.  Many songs.  Signatures:  Misha H. Elman /
Philadelphia 1932; Sam Schwartz / Bronx Art Theater.  Ms. insertions at
another page on which the same two sign in Yiddish, adding the word
"sufler" ['prompter'].  Pagination somewhat confused. 11" x 8 1/2".

154.  Arn Sofer [Aaron Soffer] _Dem arbayters rakhe_ [... arbeters]
['The Worker's Revenge'].
[Name of L. Goldstein written on Dramatis Personae page.  Prompter?  Ms.
notebook.  No pagination.  At end:  "geshribn fun Heri Koyfman" ['copied
by Harry Kaufman']. 8 1/4" x 6 1/2".

155.  L. Epshteyn.  _Dos harts fun a gengster_ ['The Heart of a
Gangster'].  Melodrama in four acts.  Typescript.  Very strong and clear
hand.  Ms. additions + one loose sheet with lyrics.  Homebinding (sewn)
and soft covers.

156.  Luis Pinkosof.  _Fargiftete blutn_ ['Poisoned Bloods'].  Drama in
four acts [there are only three!].  Ms. notebook. 24, 18, 20 pp . 9 1/2"
x 7 1/2".

157.  Sholem Perlmuter.  _A nakht in kontri_ ['A Night in the Country'].
Typescript. 61 pp.  At end:  "kopirt fun Avrom Blum far der Idisher
aktyorn yunyon" ['copied by Abraham Blum for the Jewish Actors' Union'].
11" x 8 1/2".

158.  Sem Fogelnest.  _Sholem-aleykhem mekhutn_ ['Greeetings, In-Law''].
"Komedye-operete in 3 aktn".  Loose-bound ms. 47 pp.  Many songs. 11" x
8 1/2".

159.  Yitskhok Fridman.  _Di kale fun yurop_ ['The Bride from Europe'].
"In 3 aktn un 4 bilder".  Ms notebook. 53 pp.  Copied by Julius
Schwartz.  Not a good hand. 9" x 7 1/4".

160.  Yitskhok Fridman.  _Hinter farshlosene tihren_ [tirn].  ['Behind
Locked Doors'].  Typescript.  (loose-bound). 60 pp.  "kopirt fun avrom
blum far der idisher aktyoren yunyon" ['copied by Abraham Blum for the
Jewish Actors' Union']. 11" x 8 1/2".

161.  Luis Freyman.  _Borekh Koval_ ['Baruch Koval'].  In four acts.
Ms. notebook. 89pp.  (1 side only). 8 1/4 " x 7".

162.  Luis Freyman and Volf.  _Zayn farshpilte velt_ ['His Lost World'].
Melodrama in three acts.  Music by Sholem Secunde.  _His Lost World_
copied by Beni Gitlitz, New York City.  Ms. notebook (one side only).
41,34,30 pp. 9 1/2" x 7 3/4".

163 Luis Freyman.  _Ver iz ver_ ['Who Is Who?'] Comedy drama in four
acts.  Typescript (loose-bound). 22,15,15,7 pp.  "kopirt fun Idishe
teater byuro/177 Ist brodvey, nyu york". 11" x 8 1/2".

164.  Luis Freyman.  _Gedalye Marvikher_ ['Gedalia the Fence'].
"Muzikalishe pyese in 2 akt".  Music by A. Olshanski.  Property of
Yitskhok Feld.  Typescript (loose-bound). 53 pp. + many loose sheet
insertions.  Many ms. additions and corrections. 11" x 8 1/2".

165.  Luis Freyman.  _Kinder on a heym_ ['Homeless Children'].  "Radyo
melodrama in 2 akten" [...aktn]. 45 pp. (loose-bound). 11" x 8 1/2".

166.  Luis Freyman.  _Kinder on a heym_ ['Homeless Children'].  "In 2
akten un 12 bilder" (second copy).  Music by Ilya Trilling.  Typescript.
78 pp.  Some ms. additions and corrections.

167.  Zigmund Faynman.  _Der shtumer oder Lebedik bagrubn_ [The
Deafmute, or Buried Alive'].  Copied by David Samoilescu, Mar. 15, 1900,
New York.  Ms. notebook. 111 pp.  Neat hand. 8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

168.  Zigmund Faynman.  _Dem foters klole_ ['The Father's Curse'].
Property of Oscar Silvert [= copyist].  Ms. notebook (one side only).
No pagination. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

169.  Zigmund Faynman.  _Di yidn in moroko_ ['The Jews in Morocco'].
Ms. notebook. 93 pp.  Written by Adolph Lianski 15 June 1904, New York.
8 1/2" x 6 3/4".

170.  Zigmund Faynman.  _Der yidisher vitse kenig, oder A nakht in gan
eydn_ ['The Jewish Viceroy, or A Night in Paradise'] "In 4 aktn 8
bilder".  [also titled "_Vice Koenig_ operette in 4 akten"].  Ms
notebook. 105 pp.  (including songs at end).  Written by Adolph Lianski
14 June 1906 New York. 8" x 6 3/4".

171.  Zigmund Faynman.  _Dos leben in nev york_ [lebn... nyu york].
['Life in New York'].  Drama in four acts.  Ms. notebook.  102 pp.
Written by Adolph Lianski 12 September 1904, New York, 56 St. Marks
Place. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

172.  Samuel H. Kohn and Yitskhok Friedman.  _Farkoyft in okshen_
['Sold At Auction'].  "Muzikalishe komedye".  Ms. 86 pp.  Loose sheets
in manila envelope.

173.  Adolf Kohn [Adolph Cohen].  _Der blut test_  ['The Blood Test'].
Drama in four acts.  Ms. 38,30,19,32 pp.  Loose sheets in envelope.
Neat script.

174.  Herman Krokhmalnik.  _Reyn fun blut_ ['Free of Blood'] "Lebns
drame in 4 aktn".  [Claims on title page to be copyrighted in
Washington].  Written by a Mrs. Kreitsberg (Yiddish:  Kraytsberg) 1130
So.  Halstead St., Chicago, IL 25 December. 1925 (on back of front
cover).  At end we find the sentence "got tsu dangen [danken] ves mikh
shoyn mehr nutsen mit der pyese" ['Thank God, you will now use me more
after this play'].  There follows "bearbayt fun madam kraytsberg
entnomen genialen kinstel[?] krokhmalnikov IKH DENK DIR ['revised by
Madam Kreitsberg undertaken kindly for the artist Krokhmalnik. I thank
you'] 9 1/4" x 7".

175.  Moris Konrad.  _Hayntige froyen_ [hayntike].  ['Today's Women'].
Melodrama in four acts.  On title page:  "geshribn fun moris
konrad/iberarbet fun boyrtah krayzberg [last words are crossed out].
['Written by Morris Conrad/revised by Bertha Kreisberg....].  Bound ms.
notebook.  No pagination. 9 3/4" x 7 3/4".

176. author ?  _Dem kenig's kholem_ [kenigs].  ['The King's Dream']
"Shpanishe operete in 1 akt".  Ms. notebook (half written in faded ink).
No pagination.  Note "hort" for "ort (der handlung"). 8" x 6 3/4".

177.  Z. Kornblit [Kornbluth].  _Soydes fun libe_ ['Secrets of Love'].
Drama in four acts.  Typescript. 21,17,27 pp.  (act 4 = pp. 21-27).
Many ms. additions and corrections.  [Handwritten at top of Dramatis
Personae page:  "Kornbluth/ 951 Lafayette ave., Brooklyn, NY"].
Fidelman, prompter, has signature after act one. 11" x 8 1/2 ".

178.  Z. Kornblit.  _Dos emese glik_ ['True Luck'].  "Lebns drame in 4
aktn".  Ms. notebook. 107 pp.  "Property of Adolph Lianski" on title
page and at end:  "written by Adolph Lianski on 16 January 1906". 8 1/2"
x 6 3/4".

179.  Leon Kobrin.  _Tsurik tsu zayn folk_ ['Back To His People'].
"Natsyonale lebns bild 4 aktn".  Ms. notebook. 10 1/4" x 8".  Title
page:  "geshriben fun maks rozenblat october 11, 1923" ['written by Max
Rosenblat October 11, 1923'].  Also on title page:  "property of L.
Herman".  Several inserts, including some scores and the role of the
artist Reynshteyn, in coverless notebook 8 1 /2" x 6 3/4".

180.  Leon Kobrin.  _Der blinder muzikant_ ['The Blind Musician'].
Drama in four acts.  "geshribn fin dzhay shvarts" [= Julius Schwartz].
Ms. notebook. 73 pp.  (one side only). 10" x 8 ".

181.  Leon Kobrin.  _Der farloyrener gan-eydn_ ['The Lost Paradise'].
Drama in four acts.  Note:  "ord handlung nyu york".  Two ms. notebooks
10" x 8" (pins used to clip pages ).

182.  Leon Kobrin.  _Dem farmers tokhter_ ['The Farmer's Daughter'].
"Lebns bild in 3 aktn".  Ms. notebook. 50 pp.  (one side only).  Copied
by Julius Schwartz. 9" x 7 1/2".

183.  Leon Kobrin.  _Di geto fun nev york_ [... nyu ...] ['The Ghetto of
New York'].  "Sotsyale drame in 4 aktn".  On title page:  "New York No
15, 99".  Max Kreshover's name is written on one of the first pages.
This may be his work.  No pagination. 8 1/4" x 6 3/4".

184.  Klare Lipson/Leon Kobrin.  _Vi men ertsiht a man_ [dertsit].
['How to Raise a Man'].  "Tragi-komedye in 4 aktn fun Klare Lipson".
Ms. notebook.  No pagination.  Very neat work; no copyist indicated. 7
3/4" x 6 1/2".  NL 8:6 refers to Paulina Kobrin's _M'dertsit a man_,
staged in London in 1926. "Klare Lipson" appears to be a pen name of
Paulina K., the dramatist Leon Kobrin's wife.

185.  Samuel H. Kohn.  _Tsurik in vald_ ['Back to the Woods'].  "Lebns
bild in 4 aktn".  Typescript (loose-bound). 72 pp.  Copied by Abraham
Blum for the Jewish Actors' Union. 11" x 8 1/2".

186.  Samuel H. Kohn.  _A brivele der mamen_ ['A Letter to Mama']
"Komedye-drame 4 aktn".  Ms. ( loose-bound). 101 pp.  + 1 page typed on
back of theater -- a letter to the public of historical interest.  Title
page also gives English title "The Golden Dream". 11" x 8 1/2".

187.  Samuel H. Kohn.  _Fayfke shlof_ ['Sleep, Fayfka'].  "Muzikalishe
tragi-komedye in 2 aktn un 12 bilder".  Typescript. 64, 76 pp. 11" x 8

188.  Samuel H. Kohn.  _A kales nekome_ ['A Bride's Revenge'].
[pencilled on first blank page :_A kales soydes_ ('A Bride's Secrets')].
"Melodrame in 4 aktn".  Accompanying slip attributes play to
Kalmanovitsh.  Title crossed out on title page.  Typescript. 66,10 pp.
Many ms. additions and corrections. 11" x 8 1/2".

189.  Samuel H. Kohn.  _A kales nekome_ ['A Bride's Revenge'].
Melodrama in four acts.  Typescript. 66,10 pp.  (second copy). 11" x 8

190.  Kalmanovitsh, H. _Di shtif mame_ [shtifmame].  ['The Stepmother'].
Loose-leaf bound ms. 70 pp.  Copied by Julius Schwartz. 10 1/2" x 8".

191.  Kalmanovitsh, H. and Simon Volf.  _Hertser in treren_ [trern].
['Hearts in Tears'].  Melodrama in four acts.  Bound ms. notebook.  No
pagination.  Fairly clean hand. 9" x 7 1/2".

192.  Kalmanovitsh, H. . _A nakht in gan-eydn_ ['A Night in Paradise'].
In three acts.  Typescript. 40 pp.  (makeshift sewn loose sheets with
makeshift cover from fotogravure pages of NY World Telegram of 11 July
1936). 13" x 8 1/2".

193.  Sigal and H. Kalmanovitsh.  _A heym far a mame_ "Melodrame in 4
aktn".  Ms. notebook. 10" x 8".  No pagination.  [Found inserted a
telegram in Romanian.]

194.  Kalmanovitsh, H. _Farbotene fargenigns_ ['Forbidden Pleasures'].
"Drame in 3 aktn mit a prolog un epilog".  Typescript (loose-bound). 75
pp. 11" x 8 1/2".

195.  Kalmanovitsh, H..  _Aleyn in der velt_ ['Alone in the World'].
"Familyen bild in 3 aktn un 4 bilder".  Typescript. 57 pp.  Typed by B.
Frenkel/or Frekel (whose name appears at bottom lower left of title
page).  Sam Schwartz's name in its own home-made logo appears opposite
the Dramatis Personae page.  Four pages later we find "a matone tsu mayn
khaver Khayim Kupershteyn far perzenlekhen gebroykh bloyz Yitskhok
Frenkel August 21 1933" ['a gift to my friend Haim Cooperstein for
personal use only [signed] Isaac Fraenkel August 21, 1933'].

196.  Kalmanovitsh, H. _Shekspir der tsveyter_ ['Shakespeare the
Second'].  "Tragi-komedye".  Typescript. 70 pp.  With many ms.
corrections.  [See love note on back of last page.]  11" x 8 1/2".

197.  Kalmanovitsh, H. _Oyfn glaykhn veg_ ['On the Straight Path'] Drama
in four acts.  Ms. notebook. 74 pp.  (Loose sheets; stationery of Hebrew
Actors' Club). 9 1/4" x 7 1/2".

198.  B.-Kh.  Rayz.  _Der yid un zayn shoten_ [shotn].  ['The Jew and
His Shadow'].  "Dramatisher epizod in 3 aktn fun dem idishen leben in
tsarishen rusland" [...yidishn lebn...tsarishn...] ['dramatic episode in
three acts of Jewish life in Czarist Russia'] . Unbound notebook ms. 53
pp.  (one side only).  Fairly neat script. 8" x 6 1/2".

199.  Maks Reyman and Otto Shvartz.  _Di kenigen fun der luft_
[kinigin].  ['The Queen of the Air']. "operete in 3 aktn".  Music by
Otto Shvartz.  Typescript "gezang tekst F/P Lask ?".  "Iberzetst yidish
fun P/F Tsiner [Pitsiner?]". 132 pp.(loose sheets of notebook ms.) 8" x
6 1/2".

200.  Y. Rozenberg.  _Mashka_.  "Operete in 2 aktn".  Music by Sh[olem]
Secunda.  Bound notebook ms. 70 pp.  (partly one side only). 10" x 7

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